Does Anybody Here Sympathize With The Looters That Cause Destruction?

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  • Simon

    I like when they get shot or run over. Everything they deserve.

  • minimus

    When they block roads, expressways and gas stations, for whatever reason they seem to think no one should try to proceed, even when they start banging on vehicles and screaming at people. They may get hit by a vehicle that has been stopped for no valid reason.

  • shadow

    Was the Boston Tea Party an act of rioters and thugs?

  • Simon
    Was the Boston Tea Party an act of rioters and thugs?

    You likely only know the history you were indoctrinated with and imagine that it was about people not wanting to pay taxes on tea rather than tax being removed.

  • Simonsez

    You are indeed right about the tea tax Simon. It's removal cost many American colonists financially. However, that does not negate my contention that the Boston Tea party was.looting and destruction of private property in order to achieve political goals. It also illustrates how the winners of a conflict wrote its history. This further proves my contention that rioting and looting have long been a political tool.

    If guys want to read about the real.root causes of the tea party please read the article linked below.

  • minimus

    They should have simply taken footage from many of the cities where the “peaceful protesters” were burning cars and buildings. Geeshhhh

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Lots of comments on twitter and elsewhere from ones who support, endorse and enjoy violent destruction of property, include the belief that it's perfectly fine because property is insured and property is replaceable.

    Reminds me of the murderers who say they are doing victims a favor, helping them get to heaven.

    Destroyers don't stop to check with property/business owners first to see if they're ADEQUATELY insured for total replacement value or if their insurance is in effect yet; they don't first make sure that the person's insurance will pay in time to get the business going before lack of income ruins the owner. Not many people I know of who run a business have a pile of cash to cover lack of income.

    There are so many factors involved in getting a business ready to open. Really each commercial enterprise is a miracle mix of luck in finding loans and investors, incredible amounts of patience and hard work. I feel so very sad for all the terrible loss that business owners, their families, employees, customers are going through. And don't forget the loss of all the taxes they were generating.

    I'm not any kind of educated economist or political expert. My opinions have developed from a lifetime of menial jobs as well as seeing what it takes to open a business - just a very small business. It's incredible that anyone tries to do it.

  • jp1692
    • Minimus: “They should have simply taken footage from many of the cities where the ‘peaceful protesters’ were burning cars and buildings. Geeshhhh.” (Emphasis added. See this page of this thread—just look up👆🏼3 posts above this one).

    Also Minimus: “Rioters are often wrongly identified as protesters.“ (See page 1 of this thread—3rd post👇🏼from the top).

    As I said before, but apparently it bears repeating: In the United States of America, peacefully protesting is a protected right which is enshrined into the US Constitution via the First Amendment.

    Rioting and looting are crimes which should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    It's a logical fallacy to conflate the two.

    This is not a Republican or Democrat thing; it's a Constitutional thing.

    Protesters are law-abiding citizens. Rioters and looters are criminals.

    They are not the same thing!

    For anyone that would like to read more, here is a link to a Congressional Research Service White Paper regarding the crimes of rioting and property destruction:

    State and local laws would also apply to rioting, property destruction and other crimes.

  • Magnum

    Iown Mylife, and what they're not realizing is that insurance rates go up because of their actions and business owners (and others) end up paying for the damage anyway. Where do they think the insurance funds come from?

    It's kind of like what happens because of all the thievery in retail stores; prices go up to cover the losses, and the innocent have to pay for the stolen items.

  • Bad_Wolf

    One of those rioters the other night walked across a street and shot a man wearing a trump hat, killing him.

    David Dorn, an elderly black man murdered by them.

    On Aug 25, a black man went into an autozone in Georgia (US state), stabbed a man 7 times. Made a statement today, "I just felt I had to find a white man and kill him".

    Yesterday at the blake rally, one of the speakers said, "If they kill one of us, we will kill one of them".

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