Does Anybody Here Sympathize With The Looters That Cause Destruction?

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  • Mr.Finkelstein

    Whether you are democrat, Republican or independent, do you support any of these looters that cause mayhem and destruction for their cause?

    Actually those kind of actions do the exact opposite in most cases to what they were intended or in a practical sense they weaken the position or statement.

  • Rattigan350

    "Protesters are law-abiding citizens. Rioters and looters are criminals."

    Law-abiding constitutional protesters would be protesting during the day, when the government buildings are open and people that are to listen are there; not at night when everyone is home and their identities are hidden and they can easily become rioters and looters.

  • minimus

    Antifa protestors hide their identities. They are not law abiding yet they continue to get a free pass

  • justme

    No, i don't sympathize with them at all, they are stealing & using the situation to do what they want, that's not how you get your point across with situations like George Floyd & others...that gives them an out to break windows & take what they want aside from all the other horrible things they have done such as trashing anything they could get their hands on,& hurting others.. their actions caused alot of grief & hardship to business owners, i sympathize with the ones who were unjustly killed by the police & their families..

  • jp1692

    White supremacists don't hide their identities. They are not law abiding yet they continue to get a free pass.

    Michigan Governor Outraged Over Racism At Anti-Coronavirus Shutown  Demonstration | BET

    Racism in Michigan

  • minimus

    If white supremacists are burning down buildings and businesses I doubt they are getting a free pass with or without a mask

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Minimus - White supremacists have no motivation to burn down buildings and businesses.


  • jp1692
  • littlerockguy

    Go to and tell me what is going on.

  • minimus
    According to BLM nearly every white person is a white supremacist. That’s why whites must repent from their whiteness and white privilege.

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