Stupidest thing a JW ever told you

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  • Bring_the_Light

    All non-dubs described as "under Satan's control" in Kook-Aid v of Washtowel studied this past Sunday. Not in Satan's controlling sytem of things, Satan controlling all individuals who do not partake of Kool-Aid. This is "nooo Light" for me. Satan's doing a nice job guiding my step, how 'bout ya'll? I didn't get nearly such fine council until I became a cog in Satans system of things. Bring_the_Light

  • digderidoo

    I bought my kids a couple of ornaments back from Egypt, nothing God like, just Egyptian. My ex mother in law went around telling everyone that i bought them to bring bad luck into the house and to put demonic influence upon my ex's marriage.


  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    One of my best friends told me that she thought I was about to jump off a cliff into the arms of Satan and that possible she could prevent it but from the things I was saying (607 being wrong/UN affiliation that sort of thing) I had already done it and it was too late. I was now officially dead to her and she was going to grieve me. WTF???????

    Ironically it was this attitude that helped clarify that she was not speaking as my best friend but an indoctrinated cult member and boy was I glad I was getting the hell out of Dodge....

  • Quirky1

    Well...uh, Smurfs were demonized.

    One had to wrestle with demons while having a study in another persons house

    There is probably more..

  • calico

    "If you miss the Sunday meeting, then you shouldn't go to the congregation picnic that afternoon!" (from an elder)

    I also remember my husband telling my son if he didn't go to the Sunday meeting, he couldn't do anything the rest of the day! I let him have it for that statement!

  • Gerard
    What is the stupidest thing a JW ever told you?

    That being with a woman pollutes me.

  • sacolton
    "this is how we know Jehovah made man, is how a mans penis fits so wonderfully inside a womens vagina".

    Instead of 'wonderfully' I would have said 'snuggly'.

  • Gerard

    "Millions now living will never die." (1920)

  • lighthouse19something

    1) When I was 19, someone said ' Marry 60 year old so& so, Armageddons close and she'll get younger looking in the new system, and she was hot when she was young

    2)Don't go to collage, the end is too close to make it worthwhile

    3) Start a business so you pioneer

    4) Oral sex is a homosexual act, and heterosexuals shouldn't imatate them

    5) No one speaks in tongues anymore

    6) Ask Jehovah for healing and he will IF IT'S HIS WILL

  • bsmart

    The internet is demonized!

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