3rd Generation witness, born and bred. Husband (Besty) helped me discover the truth about 'da troof' in April 07, I stopped attending meetings immediately, told friends, got shunned, invited to a JC that I didn't attend so they disfellowshipped me for apostasy (such a farce, you couldn't make it up!). In spite of this (losing my treasured belief system and most of my friends overnight) I have no regrets. Life is sweet and my family are free. At 36, starting over is not ideal but it's a small price to pay and there are wonderful people out there in the world - it's not the place it's been painted to be. No one need be afraid of standing up for what they believe and being true to themselves - if more people did it maybe we'd help destroy this poisonous religion and do away with the psychologically damaging practice of shunning and free people from living their lives with fear, guilt and exhaustion from life on the 'treadmill' under mind control. If you want to say hello you can reach me on sweetpea1971-at-hotmail-dotcom