It's a shame isn't it?

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  • stillin

    Wild Thing, exactly. The idea is to make your opponent feel small and unworthy of having an opinion. That way you "win" a debate by default. Not cool. Then the suck-ups clump around the bullies because they smell blood and a mob is formed. Not a very thoughtful group.

    There have been some great points brought out on several sides of some of these discussions. Maybe people are just tired of old-fashioned talk and want a good ol' trouncing.

  • ttdtt

    Agreed freddo - it is not why I came here in the first place.

  • Xanthippe

    Well Wild Thing any time now we'll all be called snowflakes for disliking the name calling. Ten, nine, eight ........

  • tiki

    I have my political views...but I am now avoiding reading those threads....I have read some very arrogant and ignorant views and have no use for the argumentation. If some want to indulge in such communications, fine...their choice. But we all have the right to choose to participate or ignore and move on.

  • scruffmcbuff

    Some good points here.

    If I may add my 2 pence. For every loud mouth theres a dozen nice and helpful folk.

    It does seem to be very political in here but as I found out recently if you post a thread with a problem people all jump in and help in a short amount of time.

    Great community.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I was originally surprised by how much activity the political posts were getting, but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact theyre are fewer posts regarding JW cult issues to comment on.

    IMO WT has toned down their offensive rhetoric in recent months. I think someone at “the top” has reigned in the GB and their loose lipped, off the cuff, ignorant comments that make embarrassing video clips on YouTube.

    Finally we have something from the Annual Meeting getting comments, but again, there is not much that is very controversial.

  • Diogenesister
    see the behavior of some on here revert back to their JW ways when it comes to politics. Very black and white thinking. Villianizing anyone who expresses an opposing view.

    Whilst I agree that can happen it's just an example of the very polarized veiws that tend to be exhibited in all forms of media.

    The forum is a microcosm of the world and reflects the world, and the people in it, for good and ill!!!

  • Simon
    this forum ... has an increasingly present representation of unreasoning politically charged loudmouths

    Let's think about that:

    You are attempting to smear people, calling them loudmouths and accuse them of being 'unreasoning'. Presumably because they have a different political view to yours.

    I do think there is a lack of reason but it mostly comes from your side. Time and again some people try to post reasoned arguments and explanations for their position and also, time and again, some just post claims, often wild ones, with the implication that "anyone who doesn't think like me is a monster / bigot / rape-defender" (you name it).

    What have you done here? The exact same trick! Posted a smear with zero evidence. Is everyone supposed to blindly accept it? Why should they? Sorry, we're not going to allow chanting and shouting-down here - if you post an opinion, expect to have it questioned, expect it to be challenged, expect to be able to defend it and if you can't do that, expect your whining about it to be ridiculed.

    Every topic is 100% your choice to read and your choice to take part in. Complaining that you don't like other people being allowed to post their thoughts is silly. If you think their view don't make sense and have no basis, it's easy to argue and to demonstrate. Is the issue that people do that to your empty rhetoric and you don't like it?

    Here's a tip: learn to do better. Learn how to debate and put forward a reasoned argument with evidence to support it. Don't be one of the "unreasoning loudmouths" ... or a crybaby.

  • hoser

    The left doesn’t like open debate. Much like the watchtower organization.

  • flipper

    FREDDO- I do agree with the sentiments of your opening post. And I admit I have become pretty heated in political debates on this forum, more than I'd like to. And if I've offended some here, I apologize. I stand up for what I believe in , and I don't care who the fuck argues with me. But when my views get misrepresented , and I realize I'm arguing with ignorant , skewed, narrow, and sometimes quite hateful, insulting viewpoints from individuals - at that point I look at this forum like a television with different channels. I just switch the channel onto more positive threads that won't depress me - such as newbie threads where we can lend support to newly exiting EX-JW's , also threads about exposing the WT Society 's illegal behavior, threads where people need help. Like yourself, I've had about enough of everybody thinking they are an armchair quarterback or some " elitist expert " regarding political viewpoints.

    The ones that squawk the loudest and most vitriolic in their comments in my opinion- are the most ignorant. If you know you're right- a person doesn't have to go all 51/50 and ape shit at people just to prove a point. Hey debate is great, but in this era of " Donald Trump manners " or lack thereof- it's emboldened and enabled all the drones to shed decency in having manners and communicating in a civil way. Stay tuned after my post to see how this comment is responded to.

    That being said- I will usually participate in more sedated threads where hopefully I like many other great folks on this board can assist exiting JW's in a positive way. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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