It's a shame isn't it?

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  • _Morpheus

    Lol what a ridiculous premise. If you dont like a thread, dont click on it. The forum requires your positive action to bother you.

    And its cyber space. Nobody can “shout you down”. What you mean is that you dont have an argument and feel victimized.

  • Simon
    The best day in my life was the day that I realized that someone else’s view or belief might be correct and my beliefs might just be wrong.

    It's funny, but I think finding out you were wrong about some things sometimes makes you more willing to consider the possibility that you might be wrong about others. But for some people I think it makes them more determined not to be wrong again, but in the wrong way - i.e. not just 'not be wrong, but not be shown to be wrong or to accept it'

    I think the healthy approach is to consider it possible and be determined to research an issue, find out the facts and look critically at anything, even the things you were certain of.

    One of the reason I am so willing to debate some of these topics is because I know I was wrong about them and it's only after doing some studying and research I realize that some of the things I'd accepted as facts are in fact fabrications.

    Some people are still at the stage of denying the truth and are adamant that they are right even though they haven't even considered the possibility that they might be wrong. They see any questioning of their "truths" or even unwillingness to blindly accept their assertions as some kind of personal attack and respond accordingly.

    Tip: look for those willing to explain their reasons and point to references, ignore people who insist on a "truth" be believed without evidence or just present a circular trail of their on prior assertions as proof.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i have no interest in politics--especially if its in a different country to the UK. theres nothing i can do about it. i dont vote any more either.

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    It's a shame isn't it?

    that this forum, which is such an amazing resource

    for those needing support for their journey from Watchtower's clutches

    has an increasingly present representation of unreasoning politically charged loudmouths.

    No it's not a shame. This site is not responsible for supporting any JW's who leave the organization, no one is responsible for another's mistake Except themselves.

    Those that leave the organization have to man-up and learn to deal with life and quit being such babies. I was raised in the organization, father an elder and mother a pioneer for years. I never bought into that stuff and swam against the current for years. Now my parents don't attend the meetings. I didn't need this place or any other place to support me, heck, I deal with life on my own.

    I come here for entertainment. If there wasn't any debates and "Drama" I wouldn't visit this place. Like when Morpheus and Slim go at it about the organization dying or NOT..

    Or when Cofty starts on the subject of evolution and someone like Nimble duck jumps in and calls him on it. You know, without these heated debates and a bit of name calling, people like me wouldn't be interested enough to keep reading the posts and the result would be that we wouldn't pursue any research on our own and come to our own conclusions. We would stay ignorant on several subjects.

    Or when the subject of Trump comes up.I love to hear the different views especially since I don't spend much time trying to figure out stuff about Trump.I have no idea if he is doing good or bad for the country. I come here to get both sides of the story and usually under all the bull, there are several that post some good reasonable, logical arguments that I was unaware.

    There are a lot of websites that I visit, Non-exjw and some exjw.I don't visit exjw website because I need someone to change my diaper cause Watchtower won't change it anymore. I visit from time to time to learn. Some of the posts are pretty educational.

    Don't baby the JWs, or feel sorry for them. There's plenty of information out there from secular sources besides exjw sites. Maybe the old generation needed exjws to hold their hand as they exited the Watchtower, but young ones like me don't need anyone to hold our hands.If you have to baby someone out of the WT organization, maybe you need to let them grow up a bit and they will eventually exit on their own and do fine, with or without exjw sites.

  • hoser

    This thread has encouraged me to start posting about some of my more controversial views. Global warming myths, the organic food scam, population control and why we need big oil to get bigger.

  • GrreatTeacher

    I think the basic assumption that these kinds of political threads violate is that one's own political views are more ubiquitous than they really are.

    The same thing happened after Obama was elected in 2008. The people spoke, right? Then what the hell was this Tea Party thing and where the hell did it come from? I'd never heard anything like it. Most people surely agreed with me, right? After all, Obama was voted in!

    Now it's happening in reverse with the election of Trump. The people spoke, right? Then what the hell is this Black Lives Matter thing or Me, Too movement? They've never heard of anything like it from anyone they know, right? Most people surely agree with them because after all, Trump got elected, right?

    This can be so very disturbing because ideas and principles that one holds dear are suddenly revealed to be held in contempt by a LARGE group of others. And that feels very threatening. So much so that predictions of civil war seem reasonable.

    But, my question is, "Would you rather not have known that people feel this way?"

    It's information, which in itself is neither good nor bad. Now we know what other people think (because they've been allowed to tell us) and how many others believe that way.

    What's really troubling the most, in my opinion, is the knowledge that only about half the US population agrees with you and the other half not only disagrees, but vehemently so. I think both sides of the political spectrum suffer from this dilemma. It's the shattering of the myth that you are in the majority.

    Furthermore, when people post, you learn things about them. They tell you who they are. Why would you not want that information?

    So, bring it on. If nothing else I've learned a lot about people, and not just their political views.

  • Finkelstein

    One thing to note about open discussion forums like this is if the topic of discussion is not of your taste then you dont have to view or join in on the discussion.

    That's why Simon designed this web forum to have selective topics.

    You could always go back to oppressive religions like the JWS if you do not want the freedom to discuss certain personal views.

    Religious cult leaders like the JWS and others are mostly bound by their own ignorance of many facets of understanding and knowledge.

    Individual personal political viewpoints come out of personal knowledge and understand that's why there so many variations.

    There is no Big Brother watching and listening to what everyone says or thinks in a open political democracy. .... and that's a good thing.

  • _Morpheus
    Like when Morpheus and Slim go at it about the organization dying or NOT

    you enjoy my pain? Im saddened. I pray one day you are forced to tilt at a windmill, endlessly.... over and over... dispite all logic and reason, and that windmill continues to turn... over and over...

  • MeanMrMustard

    The OP is one big example of Morph’s Law. He lost the argument as he was stating it.

  • _Morpheus

    That occured to me in a macro sense, although, strickly speaking, its not morphs law as he stopped just short of the required “your still in a cult” comparison

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