if you still believe in the bible ... please tell me why

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  • frenchbabyface

    sorry things have been cut off

    You know what people are saying about fortune tellers who make sure that what they said would looks like the truth ... SO : In almost each century the bible believers could have said that but … finally here we are in the 21th still waiting for the same stuff. And lots of people are still suffering while others just feel like to pray (in they’re actually lucky life in regard of third world people ones)

    We should take care of human beings who are still alive instead of taking care of God who don't need us to stay alive ... (in hearts and souls) ... GUESS HOW HE COULD FEEL ABOUT THAT ? ... HUM ...

    Love you all anyway

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    If I may, I would like to share my most recent opinion concerning the bible.

    I have resigned myself to accept that human beings possess some unexplainable characteristics which cannot be rationalized or attributed to science.

    Some basic examples are "sharing". How often have you offered a stranger some of your food or drink in public? How often have you dropped some loose change into someone's can or basket? How often have you purchased candy or cookies from school children and girl scouts? I know I always do these things. Sharing and helping others are examples of "paying it forward" like the movie with Kevin Spacey & Haley Joel Osment.

    I have never read or seen an example of a hyena sharing food with a hungry lion or vice-versa. I have never learned about any creature willfully building shelter for different species.

    So, I have concluded that humans have certain qualities which prove intelligent design beyond mere physics and anatomy. Now, the question is who is responsible and how do we know?

    I for one find the bible has some appealing accounts if human interest, like many novels, movies, other holy books and writings, humans are unique in recording, documenting and passing on legacies of their presence on this planet. The animal kingdom, as far as we have discovered, does not do this for themselves or their progeny.

    Now, can we rely on the bible? I do not believe we can place blind confidence in a book written by humans, with a laundry list of inconsistencies, flaws, controversies and speculations as the "divine inspired word".

    When I visit this forum, I am inspired by other humans to communicate and share my ideas. That is not from God. The quality may be "god-given", but the individual application is not inspired.

    I do not believe the bible was inspired. I am an agnostic due to logic. How could a supreme mathematician of the highest order create the universe and time, and then allow the eating of a fruit to become the decisive factor for the death, misery, pollution and corruption of a planet for six thousand years. It is not logical to make decisions of that nature. None of us would gamble that way with our own children.

    If god exists, we may someday find out or perhaps he is already here and no one knows it. The question is very vague and ambiguous. Some say there is no greater or noble cause than to search for god, while others say there is no greater waste of time.

    I am somewhere in the middle, if possible, keeping the door open for new information while trying to "pay it forward" in this life.

  • frenchbabyface

    UtopianReformist : I like the way you are talking about this (better than I'm able do to)

    About animals, it's reminds me something I’d like to share : an Item I’ve seen on TV one day about elephants.

    You know that males and females don’t stay together … Females are taking care of their children (no matter who’s the mother they act like in a nursery) and they are lead by the oldest able female.

    So one mother and her little elephant was lost, the mother have been killed, and his baby was in danger, he actually get prisoner in a big hole of mud. A herd of female (with their kids) found the baby on their way. They tried hard to get him out of the mud but they were taking risk in staying also in the mud so they couldn’t try to get in the hole to push him out. After a while they’ve got a meeting like they were wondering what they should do … they decided to try again … but failed again … had a new meeting … tried again and failed again … had a new meeting and decided to give up (I guess it was too tiring and they have to think about the other kids, also thinking that the baby was already too weak and that he be a problem for the whole herb) so they left the baby in the hole of mud.

    After a while, a few hyenas was turning around the baby elephant, it began to cry, the herb heard the baby crying. And you know what ? Half of the herb (the others had to stay with the kids) turned back running to protect the baby from the hyenas (who ran away of course, just in hearing the noise, and trembling of a few elephants running force) and the best part of it is that they finally pushed him out in getting into the hole of mud taking all the risks weither or not they could fail.

    I still got a stupid smile on my face when I remenber this

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    Elephants are definitely amazing!

  • pinoy

    I believe in the bible because of its effect on my life.

  • logansrun

    I think it's safe to say that the Bible, taken as a supernatural revelation, is one of the most pernicuous delsusions that humanity has had. Your post was excellent.


  • frenchbabyface

    I believe
    in the bible because of its effect on my life.

    Geezzzzz … That’s what I’m trying to show up … your life ???What about the effect on others lifes ?

    I still have hopes YOU KNOW … Even though I wonder WHY

    Thanks Bradley (logansrun) it just came out of my heart and soul ...

  • thebeliever

    that was excellent!

    I thoroughly enjoyed that. Very well put, I followed you just fine.

    I especially like your rational on Job's being tested... just a trial-run on the potential faith of a human, before he sends his "son" down. Funny!


  • thebeliever


    I also agree that this particulare religion misses the whole point, of truly taking care of "others" and loving "others" by being active citizens, not active in the preaching work. (Because how many are truly active, really? come on?)

    I mean, it's crazy! They hide behind their belief that god's kingdom is going to solve everything. What a force 6 million people who would be to protest deforestization, lobby for the environment - especially since most are american citizens - the power of voting.

    If only they used some of that energy, to learn how to communicate, learn about sociology, so they would be better informed on how to help people emotionally with life issues such as : abuse, depression, etc... instead of referring people to a watchtower or awake article - that only ever goes so far as to quote scriptures about god's kingdom.

    I could go on, but we're mostly in agreement here... even one voice can be very powerful. loved your post....

  • pinoy

    No other book in history has had such a profound effect on people's lives other than the bible.

    In the middle ages, people were burn on the stakes because they owned a bible.

    Martin Luther was outlawed, and excommunicated because he tried to translate the bible in vernacular.

    Henry Nott spend 50 years in Tahiti to learn their language so as to translate the bible in Tahiti.

    Why the sacrifices for the Bible? Because we believe in it's power to change lives.

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