if you still believe in the bible ... please tell me why

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  • heianderen

    There are a lot of information. I think you can buy some books, because it is a very extensive subject, and do some research.


  • Red Witch
    Red Witch

    a good place to start would be at your library. find books on ancient pre-christian mythology. Egyptian, Assyro-Babylonian, and Hebrew. You will find many examples of transparent modifications of these myths used in the bible. such as the garden of eden, flood, and virgin birth etc etc. In the hebrew information you will also find that the god of the ancient hebrews also had a feminine counterpart, which of course was later written out. Informational books on the hebrews is Man and Temple and The Hebrew Goddess by Dr Raphael Patai.

  • frenchbabyface

    Red Witch & Heianderen (and more)

    Well you know what? For once, I believe you on yours words. You did a great job in your researches … thanks for all of us … Can’t wait to get your next lucky finds ! ... will check anyway one day ... I'm just quiet busy at the moment but still stick to this web site forum ...

    I've some trouble with my computer also have to reboot it lots of time ! (I have been told that M... soft has something to do with it ... pear to pear stuff ... greedy company)

    By the way Heianderen : do you speak French ?

  • heianderen

    I'm sorry frenchbabyface, I don't speak french, I speak spanish, and chinese(weird, isn't it, I learned chinese in order to witness the chinese comunity here in Spain, I was in the chinese congregation), I also can writte a little english. I've studied french for a year in high school, but then started my own dark age, I became severely depressed, and I dropped it.

    _Heianderen_ (this "name" means darkman written in chinese phonetics)

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