if you still believe in the bible ... please tell me why

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  • frenchbabyface

    Pinoy : read you back (suffering, suffering, suffering and waist of time)

    how many muslims and boudhists have suffured because of their believes (even by their own people). So NOW is Gods muslim, Bouddhit, Christian. And religions WARS just brought more hatred in this world.

    More people are suffering about things and it seems to be pure to you ??? WHAT IS THIS ? ... I'd like to understand you ... cause you are giving me more clues about what's going on this planet.

    The SS in WW2 where approved by the clergy (SO PURE)
    Martin Luther Have been killed because he was a Black leader ... not because he was Christian
    MalcomX was muslim ... He have been killed too ... neither because of his religion but also because he was a Black leader...

    Give me more information about your faith Pinoy (Cause I hope this is not your real reasons ... It's SCARY!)

  • pinoy

    Martin Luther is not black he's a German

    You probably mean Martin Luther King

  • tinkerbell82
    I am an agnostic due to logic. How could a supreme mathematician of the highest order create the universe and time, and then allow the eating of a fruit to become the decisive factor for the death, misery, pollution and corruption of a planet for six thousand years

    that is so well-put. i completely agree.

  • pinoy

    I was pertaining to Martin Luther, the German. Not Martin Luther King Jr.

  • shotgun

    The bible has affected the world but what if the Romans had not made Christianity the state religion and forced it on all of its territories?

    Would it be what it is today without all of the explorers taking Christianity and forcing it down the throats of natives in one country after another?

    What if after the Holy Wars the Victorious Muslims had started a reverse campain to dominate the world with its religous teachings?

    Maybe we would all be bowing down to Mecca right now...........................................

  • pinoy

    What scares me the most is when people lose their FAITH. Whatever their faith is.

    Look at yourself in the mirror. Then tell me there is no God.

    Analyze how your brain process information. Then tell me there is no God.

    See the miracle of birth. Then tell me there is no God.

    Find out how the pancreas creates insulin. Then tell me there is no God.

    Watch the grandeur of a sunset. Then tell me there is no God.

  • tinkerbell82

    there is no god.


    i dont think there's really a way to prove it for certain one way or another. so in a way, it takes just as much faith to be an atheist as it does to believe in god.

  • SixofNine

    A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a rotten tree produce good fruit. Every
    tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down, and thrown into the fire. ...

    Bible bonfire, anyone ?

  • OICU8it2

    "All Scripture is beneficial..." and "men were borne along by spirit" in writing. Who was led by spirit to know which books to pick and which to leave out of the canon. Man, I need to do some research on the Bible canonization when I get time. So I'll just throw this out for now. Good post

  • Latin assassin from Manhattan
    Latin assassin from Manhattan


    Searching for God is like looking for a shadow in the dark. You are your own Supreme Being. God cannot do anything you can't do for yourself. Can he keep you in good health? Can he protect your loved ones? Can he change the world for your future children? All he has ever done is make promises. Promises you will never see come to fruition. You are your own Promise-Maker and Promise-Keeper.

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