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  • heathen

    hi guys , I know I was never a favorite here and haven't posted in awhile ... Question

    What do you think of the new understanding of , " this generation " they seem to go in circles on this one big time , Once 1914 generation was almost gone they said they didn't know what it meant and now in the new publication the generation includes the second generation after 1914 ...

    I agree they don't know what they are talking about and this is just another control move

    any comments ?

  • blondie
  • baker

    And when the 2nd group expires, they will say 3rd group and keep it up till all have left.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Two generations overlapping: You can't get more self delusion than this.

  • Vidiot

    "...New light's startin' to leave me c-c-cold... (overlapping generation)...

    ...They promised me I'd never grow old... (overlapping generation)..."

  • heathen

    man this looks so familiar , LOL , outlaw ,,, blondie , I thought we as apostates had it at 120 yrs. since that's how long it took noah to build his ark , anyway I do remember them saying they didn't know at one point , I've been in study and quit already , now at the study again , here we go again ,, I questioned everything a long time ago and did they ever turn into a bunch of jerks ...

    thanks for sharing

  • Fisherman

    Interlapping generation is not a new teaching but interlapping anointed is new now. Knowing that 1914 era anointed are dead and also most if not all of the people alive or born in 1914 are also probably dead, the only sequitur understanding is interlapping anointed given the conclusion that the socp began in 1914 and that at least some of JC disciples would see " all these things happening." 1914 is written in stone. However, a century of invisible rule is a very long time and something must give within a year or so -seems to me if 1914 generation is to make any sense now.

  • Dagney

    (lol Outlaw!)

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    This generations will by no means pass away. Makes great sense.

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