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  • Ucantnome

    The generation that saw 1914 have passed away. Gone. Dead

    Couple of weeks ago someone told me they have a person in their congregation of nearly 110

  • wizzstick

    "This generation will by no means pass away..."

    A few people left do not a generation make.

  • Ucantnome

    I think its estimated there are about 400 or so people alive over the age of 110.

  • Vanderhoven7

    1914 is an absolute bust. There are no dates in the Bible. Everything (all the bogus speculation passed-off as theology) is dependent on secular dating. When has the WTS ever been right about any alleged prophetic event?

  • wizzstick

    When has the WTS ever been right about any alleged prophetic event?


    Not once in its (almost) 140 year history.

    Beaten by a broken clock twice a day.

  • heathen

    That's fine you don't believe, then this discussion is for those who want to discuss it , half banana . Religion and GOD are based on believing in the unseen , I am not interested in atheism . This religion sure is a confusing one , I agree with them that all others are corrupt and worthless . 1914 would have been my grandfather as well , he was in WW1 , the WTBS belief is that the generation sees the beginning of pangs of distress , we apparently can see that the world has not improved other than technology , we still see war famine and disease killing people . WW 3 is being talked about as much as during the cold war these days . I have no love for the church or it's members but find it a curious religion ..

    interesting remarks all

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    How can there be an advantage in believing in something which has no basis in concrete evidence or fact? "Beliefs" are dangerous to our wellbeing!

  • heathen

    half banana , we are talking about beliefs in what everyone here calls a cult , we are not talking about your lack of belief . You believe plenty that you have not seen personally witnessed but you are entitled to follow that path , science can't prove most of what they say about the universe , it's all debatable . most of the universe is invisible so how can they even debate it ?

    anyway , nice to meet you

  • Phaedra

    The new understanding will continue to be refined and goalposts moved as time goes on and nothing manifests. Thus has been the way of this cult for over 100 years.

  • prologos
    Fisherman: "--at least some of JC disciples would see " all these things happening." 1914 is written in stone.

    JC was talking to disciples that were not anointed yet, but would be at Pentecost. But according to "new understanding" he was talking about the overlapping anointed, and if wt is right, none of the anointed will ever be alive as humans to experience "all these things happening" They will have died, raptured before.

    Uncantnme: "Couple of weeks ago someone told me they have a person in their congregation of nearly 110

    David Splane allowed for other anointed to be older than Franz who died at 99 in 19192. Franz the second would bring us to ~ 2075, two overlapping supercentenarians to 2095, which in cosmic time is soon.

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