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  • Finkelstein

    The problem with the Watchtower Corporation and its leaders the GB members is that this organization has been putting so much focus and lengthy proclamations that " this generation from 1914 " all throughout the 20th century and to this day, they pretty much cant be honest and say those doctrines and teachings were all wrong.

    You see the WTS/JWS is not supposed to be a false religion , Jehovah had chosen them for being truthfully adherent to the bible, particularly the preaching of the Gospel.

    So whats really left for them to do to save face and that self assumed image ? , they twist up a new doctrine of understanding to uphold the old wrongful doctrines.

  • heathen

    afraid I don't follow conspiracy nuts there wizzstick , I've heard it being said on tv and on the web , you can easily google it no doubt ( nuclear winter ) assessment .NWO is not conspiracy nonsense , GHWB mentioned it in a UN address , Monsanto products are banned in Europe because they are dangerous , Government corruption has robbed trillions of dollars and started illegal wars such as Iraq , Afghanistan and now the war on terror which is really a war on our bill of rights according to many , now there are at least a million displaced people from Syria .the swine flu and ebola were believed to have been started deliberately , those types of things are discussed by many people ... just continue to watch foot ball and I'm sure you'll be all right

  • Ucantnome

    Although my father didn't live to see the Great Tribulation beginning although he baptised believing it had begun and he lies in the ground like his brother who wasn't a JW awaiting a hoped for resurrection I think he was happy being a Witness.

    He agreeded with the man who studied the books with him that it was the best way of life.

    He liked regularity. He was very regular. Always up at the same time and doing the same thing. He was regular in his meeting attendance and field service. He had two regular pioneer children. Being regular was important to him I think and being a JW offered him more regularity.

  • wizzstick

    I've heard it being said on tv and on the web

    Wow it must be true.

    just continue to watch foot ball and I'm sure you'll be all right

    Nah - I'll stick with facts and figures thanks (see above).

  • Perry

    1914 is the set up for the Two-Salvation System taught by the WT. Here's a paper I wrote on this for a class I conducted just the other day:

    Just because some believers in different time periods may have a different position, authority, destination, reward, function etc.; the scriptures are clear that they are all legally declared righteous by faith and not by works. The “Great Crowd” takes part of the New Covenant as is evident from a plain reading of Rev. 7: 14 – “And he said to me, These are they who come out of the great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and have made them white in the blood [covenant] of the Lamb.”

    Even though the bible says that, 1.) “the great crowd” achieves a righteous standing by the blood of the lamb, and 2.) that blood is only accessed by faith in Jesus’ New Covenant, and 3.) the New Covenant is for “forgiveness of sins”(Mt. 26: 27&28); modern Jehovah’s Witnesses DO NOT profess to be a part of the New Covenant and do not partake of the bread and the wine emblems at their observance of the Lord’s Supper. They are taught that door was shut in 1914 and for sure by the expiration of the “generation” thereafter. They believe their salvation is achieved by association with and obedience to the “faithful & discreet slave class” aka – Bride of Christ, aka – 144K “spiritual Israelites”; which is now the leaders of the Watchtower – the last remnant of true church age Believers.

    Watchtower leaders thus position themselves as co-mediators with Christ. Official church doctrine is that Christ is only a Mediator for Church Age Believers (of which leaders are the last true remnant) and Jesus in not the Mediator for the “Great Crowd”. – WT 4/1/79 p.31

    The great weakness in Watchtower theology is that most JW’s are not aware that Jesus is not their Mediator, according to official WT doctrine. Most have not stopped to consider that the Great Crowd is made “white” by the “blood of the lamb” – the New Covenant. JW’s are also completely unaware of a personal judgment after death(Hebrews 9: 28), and hence a personal savior seems unnecessary, if not ought right silly. When a personal judgement is pointed out to them, they are unable to provide an explanation of how they will personally escape judgment, while positioned outside of the New Covenant…. especially after Mt. 26: 27& 28 is read to them where it plainly states in their own bible that the New Covenant is specifically for “the forgiveness of sins”.

    The (UN) Importance of 1914
    The “Generation of 1914” was bedrock Watchtower doctrine for nearly 100 years and explains much of Watchtower error. The doctrine stated unequivocally that the generation that saw 1914 would not pass away until Jesus returned all the way to the earth to wipe out his enemies at the battle of Armageddon. As time marched on further and further away from 1914, with no earthly return; the Watchtower changed its definition of “generation” many times in an attempt to explain the failure. At first, the term was applied to those old enough to understand the events of 1914 (WW 1). Then it was applied to those born in 1914 or before. Then it was changed from “70 or 80 years” to a maximum length of 100 years. Since it has now been over 100 years, the Watchtower has once again changed the definition of “a generation” to mean, “over-lapping generations” indicative of an undetermined period of time. Most Jehovah’s Witnesses admit this is nonsense, even if they do not publically acknowledge it. Yet, this is still the basis for their personal rejection on the New Covenant.

    In light of the embarrassing manipulation of the term “generation” to fit a failed prediction; doesn’t it make more sense that: it is the 1914 date of “Christs’ Arrival/Presence” that is wrong? Consequently, common sense dictates that that we are all still living in the Church Age/Age of Grace/Gentile Times.

    Here's a link for downloading and printing if anyone finds this useful.

  • prologos

    and since pentecost christians are " transplanted into the KINGDOM OF THE SON--", not the one of 1914, colossians 1: 13.

  • heathen

    wizzstick , just google economic nuclear winter and I'm sure you will find a good source for I had no problem ...

    perry I would believe we still live in a time of grace since he still lets the sun rise on both wicked and righteous but I still think there's a the LF and great crowd . The LF are martyred the GC live forever never knowing death . I believe there are works involved but it is only by GODS grace are we even saved , the new testament does go on about needing to preach and convert others until GOD says it's complete. By now means is anyone to say they deserve anything in that regard , it's undeserved kindness or grace. what I get from reading it anyway

  • OrphanCrow
    Finkelstein: So whats really left for them to do to save face and that self assumed image ? , they twist up a new doctrine of understanding to uphold the old wrongful doctrines.

    Yeah, but they really missed the boat on this one.

    Rather than coming up with the ridiculous notion of 'overlapping' generations, all they had to do was say that the Bible was talking about a 'perfect' generation. That way, they could make that generation be as long as they wanted, or as short as they could go on for any length if it was 'perfect'. They could adjust the 'perfect' length of time whenever they want. You know, the same way that a 'perfect' god can be anything they say it is.

  • heathen

    A perfect generation .LOL sure , what's the difference the lifers will only repeat anything in print anyway , they could change it tomorrow and they wouldn't bat an eyelash . I did go round with this back in the 80s and they jumped all over me like I had done some unspeakable evil questioning the GB .. Really made me mad . Never actually been in but do show up and study at times. I'll see what happens , I do predict another switcheroo coming at some point , tho I said at the end of the year, was tongue in cheek comment . I did not speak in the name of Jehovah ....

  • wizzstick

    wizzstick , just google economic nuclear winter and I'm sure you will find a good source for I had no problem ..

    Did you actually read the original story, on CNBC, or the hysterical spin by the Alex Jones types? From the article:

    a source from a major investment bank told CNBC that financial services firms have put together a strategy in place that takes into account the worst-case scenario that could happen by the end of this year

    So it's a strategy for a worse case scenario. Not a suggestion it's on its way.

    The source further explained that the challenge in 2016 is nothing compared to when the Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008 and the banking sector is this time a lot more resilient

    Oh - so the Banks are in a better place anyway.

    Do I still need a tin hat?

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