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  • heathen

    I think we all know about the millions now living , lie ,33 was the cut off because people refused to eat and drink at the memorial , it always amazes me that all the unworthy want to judge everyone else's spirituality , we will see how long before some new stuff happens again , they still say that russel was expecting the invisible presence in 1914 but he was expecting the end , from what I remember

  • prologos

    The generation are not the anointed. Because: according to Jesus, the generation will not pass away, will survive the end'.---but the wt anointed will all not survive to even see armageddon, none will survive it, because they are called to heaven before, to fight there. so, the generation must be the OS not the anointed.

  • heathen

    true it says they will not pass away until all the things happened , they do pass away , whether it's passing away as in death or passing away as in the world they live in passes away or some other type passing away , it is talking about passing away , the GC definitely not part of a death passing away . I have heard the LF talk as if they were going to share with the GC in not dying at a convention before , I believe they have to endure being imprisoned and executed as a final test and there are no governing body members that I know experienced that . Any way I think change will happen again ... It is frustrating they force you to believe whatever they say even if you think it's wrong and makes no sense , I just can't be a guy that repeats anything they hear because they are told they have to

  • atomant

    They had to move the goal post otherwise there would be mutiny.Keep your eyes on the prize brothers wont be long now.

  • heathen

    really but I think it was a control thing , instead of just saying it could include any generation since 1914 they needed to keep the sense of urgency up ,dying of old age was not the way I see the bible describing their final hours , revelation says the 4 winds of destruction are held back until the last of the number die by the ax , I don't believe it to be a symbolic death , the first church were all murdered by the romans or the jews .

  • Finkelstein

    I agree they don't know what they are talking about and this is just another control move.

    Correct its a twist of bible Scripture to suit their own specific needs to uphold 1914, which is a fraud/ false doctrine in itself.

    Just think the WTS since the late 1800's has been making false doctrines /teachings saying for over 100 years that Christ has positioned himself on his heavenly throne (1914) and is now on the verge of Armageddon by time measuring from that year of " Generation(s) "

    ......But Jehovah has chosen these false deceiving charlatans and their world wide publishing kingdom and he expects all of humanity to support it with faithful devotion as means to appease him and sanctify his name. ...... What ?

  • sparky1

    Almost 140 years of OVERLAPPING LIARS!

  • heathen

    Unlike most of you I still think 1914 is significant , of course many things have come into question about the 7 times of Daniel and the fall of Judah in 607 BCE , I just base It on Mathew 24 so there seems to be some sort of relation as the kings of the earth war in Daniel 12 as well , king of north and south , I do think their Daniel prophesy book was too much , including too much history , when it comes to religion these people and most others never admit to a lie , just wish they would , instead we get it was some sort of old light , unbelievable the way they are

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Heathen, the whole thing was a massive hoax right from the start. Nobody recorded Jesus' words at the time he was supposed to have spoken them and nobody could have remembered Jesus' words forty years later to write them down. The variations in the gospels demonstrate the enormous differences.

    Just read Mark 9;1. Jesus got it completely wrong...why should anyone else start getting it right two thousand years later?

    The JW org is a pathetic money hoarding cult preying on the goodness of honest but gullible believers.

    Become a "knower" instead.

  • heathen

    The belief on that is he showed them a vision not that they were seeing the actual event , I think they saw enough to be convinced of who he was when he showed up after the resurrection . I think he was ruling then but the WT says he wasn't , Mathew 28:18 , then he went to be in heaven and told john he was watching everything from there and was judging them , he is the one that would beat the wicked slave as well . I do realize this site refutes anything they say as the truth , been screwing around here for a long time , I know there are some still in just so they can make their family happy .

    thanks for the input tho

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