the new understanding

by heathen 62 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • heathen

    wow wizzstick , so original ,,, you must be a government employee and like trolling or something but be advised all is not well and we are faced with a total collapse .. the banks already ripped us off trillions of dollars , the pentagon as well ... our money is just paper , it's not just one bank , banks all over the world are saying it , there's way more than one source ... Alex jones is a shock jock but does follow the trends and has many people on that know the insiders ...

  • Vidiot

    Meet the "new understanding"... confusing as the "old understanding"...

    ...but with the word "new" on the box. :smirk:

  • heathen

    Yep pretty much ,vidiot .. I'm studying the new publication and quite frankly they seem to rewrite their history , they so far had russel as predicting the invisible presence , pretty sure they believed the time was up in 1914 and the church would be in paradise at that point . This organization is strange , they will speak as a prophet then deny being one after they change things around, they are simply imperfect men , now we are back to they are jehovahs chariot . I think they are merely more interested in doing the legal thing not necessarily they right thing . anyway don't have much else to do with my time ...

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