Tight Pants

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  • awake living free
    awake living free

    "stupid is as stupid does"

    I've only been out since 2012 but the dumbing down seems to be continuing at a pace. Only hope that things like this and the many greater concerns with the org will make more question and wake up.

    I haven't posted much but it's great to see so many new ones joining this forum.


  • macys
    The WT study yesterday went on to condemn brother and sisters that might sell herbal/holistic supplements and other questionable health treatments but yet I always have to remember that Russell (the founding father of this cult) was selling "Miracle Wheat" to gullible fools back in his day and many newspapers and others called him a snake oil salesman for it. I was literally ROTFLMAO! I just kept having pictures of Russell selling this "miracle wheat" alongside WT propaganda on his trolley. Someone who is good in photoshop should make a MEME of Russell standing next to a literature cart with "Miracle Wheat" and "Tight Pants" WT propaganda.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    '' stuck, you hit the nail on the head here. Browbeating is part of the Borg's 'modus operandi'. It nauseates me''

    I know. They always have to peck on someone, just like a hen. You see a clean-cut, well dressed, young man and they still have to brow beat him somehow.

  • Grey Goose
    Grey Goose

    Im guessing half my BOE will have to be taken off if this is true.

    Not even joking.

    I don't even know what to think about this, it's so ridiculous, they are questioning what a supposedly good brother wears?

    It's not even the fact he's not wearing a suit. He's wearing a SUIT for christs sake, and they still feel a need to harp on at him.

    I guess a lot of it comes down to jealousy on the GB's part, all these single good looking young guys who are slim and fashionable, they are everything the GB wish they were, and they are using their own jealousy as a manipulative tool to guilt these poor guys.

    All this is going to end with, is young guys in shitty fitting suits, who are less attractive, therfore the single sisters are not going to go for these guys. Everyone stays single. The Org HAS TO encourage marriage and children if it wants to survive through the 21st century, as new converts are just not happening. So this is another bad move on their part.

    It almost makes you think the GB WANT this religion to fail.....

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