Tight Pants

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  • ToesUp

    Skedaddle and jookbeard...those pictures are GREAT! Laughing my ass off.

  • KiddingMe
    Good point OneEyedJoe!
  • LostGeneration

    Hilarious! Love the third box with him "meditating" over his tight pants problem. All they forgot was a fourth box where dude has a tight pants burning ceremony. After all, you wouldn't want to donate Devil's pants to charity and forward the homosexual agenda!

    These guys have lost it!

  • nmthinker
    OneEyedJoe very well said! I agree 100%
  • Room 215
    Room 215
    This is what passes for preaching the gospel in Absurdistan...maybe if he persists in wearing those pants he disqualifies for Saturday morning door-to-door... such a shame.

    That young brother looks too good, too cool. His shoes aren't even black. His individuality is offensive and a stumbling block to others. They didn't show his socks, but I bet they have stripes or something.

    The Eldubs are no doubt telling this brother to think about weaker ones, perhaps horny sisters who will be single for life. As a teacher, which Eldubs are purported to be, when do you stop catering to an immature student's weakness and start helping them to overcome that weakness to make advancement?

    When a religion is being investigated and is facing litigation on multiple fronts for child sexual abuse, you would imagine that they would have more pressing issues than cool pants. The guy isn't wearing skinny jeans, for God's sake! Why not ban stockings for sisters? They show the shape of the calve muscles and make me horny in some cases. Why not ban two-piece swimsuits? What about shorts? Why not ban being in shape, or being good-looking?

    Tomo is an old, crusty cult leader, who likes to be the boss of everyone. He is a modern day Pharisee/A-hole. He hates Yoga pants on girls and he hates gay people. He's a tired, old, dinosaur who is facing his extinction.



  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Remember when we used to go from door to door and place magazines that featured ridiculous topics like this, with the public ?

  • talesin

    The "skinny pant" got a big boost from Chris Pine, when he acquired instant fame for playing a young 'Captain Jerk' in the new ST franchise, and was showing up all over the media in skinny, tight pants. Of course, we all know science fiction is one of Satan's tools, and ST has a TRADITION of having men in tight pants. Brothers, be aware that Satan is *in* your skinny pants! *smirks*

  • Pistoff

    So it is not just the rantings of a ego maniac, it is now the subject of a religious magazine:

    Fashionable pants, and how to take counsel about them.

    This religion is fast becoming a world wide collections of tools, perverts, and idiots.

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