JW message becoming more and more relevant

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  • punkofnice
    Why the bible what??? But to answer with out knowing precisely what you are asking, I have read and do read the bible and you can put it in a category of fiction if you choose but I know that what I have read from it has occurred and is occurring.
    Ok JA. thanks for that. What I was asking was, why do you believe the bible over other so called holy books? Don't get me wrong I'm not having a go........I believed it once but have since come to the conclusion that it's just the writings of some blokes somewhere......a bit like that bloke muhammed...or that geezer john smith. Not worth wasting your life on. I've seen nothing in the bible that can be proven to have occurred. From that I conclude that nothing will occur either. I feel also that ones chosen religion is the one popular in that area or the one of one's parents. If I was born in ancient greece I'd probably have believed in zeus.......Pakistan, allah..................if you catch my drift. Just saying. Read the bible if it makes you happy, I just think it's all such a waste of time.
  • Caedes


    Why did you quote Dr Colin Patterson out of context, you know he believes in evolution and wrote a well known book on the subject?

  • johnamos
    have since come to the conclusion that it's just the writings of some blokes somewhere

    How long ago would you feel comfortable saying that the book of Revelation was written, even if just some bloke wrote it???
  • freemindfade
    Some one needs to tell this person you can't or shouldn't count time preaching to apostates. Grab a singing cart and starbucks and head out
  • punkofnice
    How long ago would you feel comfortable saying that the book of Revelation was written, even if just some bloke wrote it???

    I don't know. Who really does? How can it be proven beyond question? I can't see that it even matters, really. Pretty irrelavent. Just because something is old doesn't prove much.

    I've not seen a thing in revelation that has any relevance. I've read and re-read the bible. Even after I left the JWs and went to a church to worship.

  • chicken little
    chicken little
    If creation works for you that is just great, for those who believe in evolution that is also just great. What I have difficulty with in this poster's thread is his english syntax, is it just me or does it sound like gobbledygook? What ever happened to plain english that everyone can understand?
  • Lieu

    I don't care what anyone else believes and I don't belittle them for it. We each must find and cultivate the beliefs that fit us individually and not try and FORCE them on others.

    Life is too short to get high blood pressure worrying about the beliefs of those who don't pay your bills. I'll believe what I want, if YOU don't wish to believe the same, it's fine with me.

    Btw, I grew up in a rain forest and monkey tastes great!

  • Finkelstein

    It should be realized that lsw1961 has composed his beliefs out of fear and ignorance indoctrinated by the leaders of the WTS. for their own intrinsic supporting means and sustenance.

    There is obviously a lack of education here and in reflection that's exactly what the WTS heads promote and instill toward its adherents.

  • lsw1961

    You ask: “what message your speaking of?”

    It is nothing but Daniel 2:44 which JWs have never changed, and will not change. The present world situation where all Governments are reeling under terrorism, the imminent economic depression greater than that of the 30’s, sea-level rise ….all would make even you people call out to God in the near future seeking His help. Thus JWs message of Kingdom hope is becoming more and more relevant. The only problem you find is that JWs sounded this message a bit early—but it only adds to their glory. All their mistakes will be washed away when people will turn to God seeking for solution to mankind’s problem. Already one American President long back cried: ‘Send out one Elijah or Ezekiel to find a solution to our problem.’ Such a cry from all corners of the world will become louder and louder in the coming years.

  • jookbeard
    I was just thinking the exact opposite, does the world really need groups that continue to spout a bigoted hate filled message in the 21st century? I cant believe it does .

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