JW message becoming more and more relevant

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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    JW message becoming more and more relevant

    Only relevant to you and every adult who is willing to believe the Easter Bunny and Cinderella are real. And yes, you have plenty of company. So if by "relevant" you mean "popular"....maybe. Just a very weak "maybe"

  • punkofnice

    johnamos - No offence to you, friend, but - Amazing how one can find stuff in a book to support one's view. May I ask, if the quran made a statement about something, would you believe it because the quran said it was true? If not why not? What has the bible got that the quran hasn't got?

    From the film Watchmen - Rorschach: Funny, ancient pharaohs looked forward to the end of the world. Hoping the cadavers would rise, and reclaim hearts from golden jars. Must currently be holding breath in anticipation.
  • _Morpheus

    Isw, im wondering what message your speaking of.... You start off trying to affirm the witness message but never expound on what you think that is other than to criticize evolution...

    What does the world need from the witnesses and why?

  • johnamos
    if the quran made a statement about something, would you believe it because the quran said it was true? If not why not? What has the bible got that the quran hasn't got?

    3 For the vision is yet for the appointed time,

    33 Keep looking, keep awake, for YOU do not know when the appointed time is.

    The Bible explains what the vision is and when the appointed time will occur and those that understand what the vision is know what to keep awake and looking for in order to know the appointed time.

  • johnamos
    Isw, I would just say that you should refer to this ‘message’ as to it being a ‘Bible message’, etc…instead of saying it is a ‘JW message’.
  • punkofnice
    johnamos - Why the bible?
  • johnamos
    Why the bible what??? But to answer with out knowing precisely what you are asking, I have read and do read the bible and you can put it in a category of fiction if you choose but I know that what I have read from it has occurred and is occurring.
  • truthseeker100

    Purpose, apparatus, method, .....

    Conclusive results is what you should be looking for. LOL

  • Finkelstein

    lSW1961 says ......

    Grabbing and amassing everything to the excess makes evolution theory a poor and wet joke against the overwhelming decline in human values as being witnessed today.

    Really ? sounds like you've never deeply studied the history of human sociological behavior, particularly the ancient Hebrew civilization or the sociological behavior of all ancient civilizations in that era of human history which your religion is based on ??? .

    Once that is done one can accept the fact that are own biological evolution is drawn out to survive and genetically reproduce in likeness to all other animals on earth.

    In actuality mankind is better at sociologically behaving and compassionately caring for one another than anytime in human history. That has perhaps been influenced somewhat by religious illogical adherence such as what Christianity espouses.

    Not Jehovah's Witnesses of course who are hardheartedly apathetic to helping out humanity through acts of charity and government involvement.

    One of the basic problems that JWS have is stunted intellectual growth , they have been repressed in advancing their knowledge through education by the WTS instilling the notion that higher education is a blight onto humanity and is both dangerous and irrelevant.

    The only education that humanity really needs and is beneficial is what they print into publication and teach, like advanced education has done nothing for the betterment of humanity ???

    So the question to lsw1961 would be how does your self righteous conscientious framed and influenced by the Watchtower Publishing house greatly benefited humanity ? One can see and observe the fact that thousands of people self inflicting their own deaths by refusing blood transfusions, the WTS organization has broken apart millions of families since its appearance. etc. ???

    There have been numerous instances of the WTS./JWS organization indirectly causing people to commit suicide, some which has been related to the false commercialized doctrines/teachings made by the WTS. and so on.....

    So upon reflection one could realistically say that the WTS/JWS is a dangerous blight to humanity composed within its adamantly supported righteous conscientiousness that you personally support yourself lsw1961.

    Therefore lsw1961 you are a danger to humanity or certainly a danger to the virtue of reason through educational knowledge

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Jehovah motivates me, I just do it. For me Jehovah is more real than the air I breathe in.
    Even more real than gravity and the laws of physics perhaps?

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