What is the purpose of life?

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  • cofty

    Nobody speaks for atheism. It isn't a thing. It's a lack of belief in one specific claim.

    The god of Jesus is impossible. There is nothing embarrassing about saying that.

    I have never said that "believers must be either ignorant or dishonest".

    You are lying again, Why do you find it so hard to stop doing that?

  • DJS


    I don't know any atheists who have stated there is proof a god doesn't exist. Saying there is no evidence of a god is not the same as saying there is proof. And saying a loving, caring creator as presented by x tians cannot exist is also not saying there is proof that a god doesn't exist.

    But you already know that.

    OTOH, billions of theists will tell you there is proof god exists. Cause they feel it, want it, desire it, need it.

    If you're going to zing Cofty, you must do better.

  • Viviane
    Yes, this is the very problem of evil. But WHY it happens in an atheist scenario?

    What is an "atheist scenario"?

    for arguments sake if God had stopped the tsunami he would have been expressing control over the future. This is a huge no no as the future needs to remain open

    Wait, so there is something your god can't do? Then why is it "god"?

    Natural laws will not be violated, never have been, and have served us well as a species to get here. Beyond that, as a human, be thankful, enjoy the extra perks, the luxuries that our times allow. stop whining. stop demanding more than you see that is already given. an ironclad promise that the laws are reliable, can work for and with you.

    But by his existence, god violates natural laws. So that's right out. The rest of your post is just you asking to stop asking questions about your apparently impotent god.

    My position regarding the purpose of existence of the universe (including the origin and problem of evil, of course) consists in analysing the amount of explanations we have about it. Basically there are 4 metaphysical explanations I find them very interesting and sums up the reasonings of humans about cosmogony.

    I would love to hear those as soon as you show us that you even know what positivism is. Why are you afraid to do that? What are you hiding?

    Keep having that same evil lack of faith that will do nothing but cast you out of God's plans for ever. It is amazing how you and other people continue to say that God does not care to help us.

    If your god exists, he is impotent. On the plus side, I'm evil now, so yaaaay!

    And these animals ranges from bears, rhinos cats, elephants, wolves and all the others. You said until something better comes along, well, we are what's better and I assure you that we are as better as it can possibly get.

    Go fight a bear and let me know how that goes for you. Feel free to ask you impotent god for help.

    Remember, it is not God's fault that we have all this suffering

    It most certainly is your impotent god's fault. You wish to claim he is omni-everything, yet not responsible for anything. I mean, the poor guy can't even lift a pebble or appear in front of people. A baby can do that.

    Or if thoughtful atheists are embarrassed by atheists who go around insisting God has been disproved and believers must be either ignorant or dishonest.

    Of course not. I mean, any specific god a believe chooses to define can be disproved, of course, but a nebulous concept which the claimants can't define? You can't disprove that. Just politely explain it and move on.

  • nicolaou
    looter: your lack of faith can only cause bad things to happen to your own life.

    Dude, I think I know your Dad.

  • DJS


    I watched the video from Count Von Sheen, I mean Bishop Sheen. I'm trying hard to ignore the fact he reminds me of a creepy master of the house vampire just before he sucks your blood after the sun goes down.

    Nope. Not impressed. God 1. Unicorn Sparkle Poney 1.

    Try again.

  • DJS

    I'm just glad Looter showed up again. I was hoping my presence would be a disturbance in his 'force.' And also in that Lucas/Jedi Knight/Star Wars thing-ey. I'm not on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler or any other social media, so this is the only place I can get followers. Looter had me worried there for a few days.

    Nice to know I still 'got it.'

    We're being too hard on Looter. With his after school job, I mean his part-time job he uses to supplement his Social Security retirement income, he has to be stressed. At least he can be thankful Walmart reversed course and started hiring greeters again.

    Looter is keeping our prices low so that we can save money, live better. And he's protecting all of that Chinese stuff from going walk-about. I mean Inventory.

    I for one thank him.

  • slimboyfat

    So you admit that you characterise Christian believers as either ignorant or dishonest?

    It should be pretty clear that by "believers" I meant Christians, since we're not exactly overrun by Hindus or Sikhs or other religions on the forum. And are deists who allow for an impersonal God normally described as "believers"? I didn't think so.

    Anyway since you feel so terribly misrepresented (always) let's gladly clarify, it's just the 1.6 billion or so Christians that you are you calling either ignorant or dishonest. Other kinds of believers, deists, agnostics and Jedis no doubt eagerly await your judgement.

  • cofty
    So you admit that you characterise Christian believers as either ignorant or dishonest? - SBF

    No I have never said that. Why are you deliberately misrepresenting my views - AGAIN?

    lets gladly clarify, it just all 1.6 billion or so Christians you call either ignorant or dishonest.

    Why do you keep repeating this lie? Is it because you think it's one that others are likely to believe without checking the facts? I have NEVER claimed that all christians are ignorant &/or dishonest.

    I am certain you are intellectually dishonest. Is that where the confusion is coming from.

  • Viviane

    SBF is approaching Trumpian levels of honesty.

  • slimboyfat

    Okay so now you're saying it is possible to be a Christian without being either ignorant or dishonest.

    But you are saying that the Christian God has been disproved?

    Is that correct? And is there no contradiction there?

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