What is the purpose of life?

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  • nicolaou

    You remind me of god, he can't take personal criticism either. .

  • OrphanCrow
    Looter: I am not a brat! I am almost 20 and I've had a great life in my day and I'm probably more of a man than you'll ever be! So shush, you disrespectful gumbo.



    I love this thread.

    My morning entertainment.

    Tell me, Looter, let me guess....you were teaching in the synagogue when you were twelve, too, weren't you?

  • looter

    OrphanCrow, this is not funny. You an Outlaw may think this is a joke but it's no joke when everyone gangs up on you and you're trying to make a big stand on God and it's also not fun when everyone disrespects God and expect you and the Lord himself to be okay with that. It's wrong and even worse that all these juveniles keep accusing me being 68 years old which is not true. That's discrimination to me because of my strong conviction. You don't have to be old to hold true beliefs, you know.


    I am not a brat! I am almost 20 and I've had a great life in my day.....Looter

    More likely..


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  • Viviane

    I never ever said that I wished I could beat you or anything.

    I guess you've forgotten that you said that if I were your daughter, you would beat me and that you said you wished you had power over me so you could punish me.

    I said that if you were in any way under my jurisdiction, I would indeed discipline you because I would never have that type of thing under my roof because that's bad and you should know that already but you choose to do it anyway which shows your inner character.

    My inner character is to treat assholes like assholes.

    I have no idea where you getting this put you in jail stuff. I said that I would punish you if you were in any way related to me. I never said I wished anything so stop putting words in my mouth, but why am I telling you that because you usually put words in people's mouths to try to throw them off the central point.

    Is your central point threatening women and being an asshole?

    You seriously say that for me to be treated differently, I need to act differently? In other words, stop believing in the true God and start mocking him over and over because he is impotent like you wrongly said.

    Funny that, I am at a friends house, spend the night, went kayaking this morning, had lunch, dinner last night, great time. They go to church, lead Sunday school, when they said prayer last night at dinner I bowed my head and said "Amen".

    Maybe I'm treating them differently because they aren't assholes.

    But you are so mean and evil towards the Lord and you think he'd help you when you have nothing but contentment and disrespect towards him? Please don't make me laugh, sister. I'll never do that because that is detestable and evil to God but you already know that so I don't know why you keep trying to change me but I guess it's in your game motive.

    Wait, so I expect a god I don't believe in to help me? Laughing is detestable to god? I have no idea what you just said.

    Like I always say, I will pray for you because you need Jesus right now as you have too much hate in your heart and it's good that you know it but you need to try to change.

    Doesn't seem to be working. Apparently you, your god, or both of you are impotent on this matter.

    I am almost 20 and I've had a great life in my day and I'm probably more of a man than you'll ever be! So shush, you disrespectful gumbo.

    Oh, look, an internet/impotent wannabe tough guy.

    Also, gumbo is delicious. The trick is make sure you use shrimp heads and shells to get the flavor out. You do that and you'll have a potent gumbo, not at all impotent.

  • OrphanCrow
    looter: You don't have to be old to hold true beliefs, you know.

    I know. We agree on the point that anybody can hold any belief. Belief is like that - it applies to anything that we know nothing about. Where we don't agree is on the insertion of the word 'true' before 'belief'.

    Now, can you tell me what is the difference between believing in Santa Claus and believing in a god in the sky? Do you believe in Santa Claus?

  • looter

    You are very interesting, Viviane, because you constantly just called me an expletive just because of what I believe in and just because you disbelieve in it you figure it's right to call me an expletive. But that is what makes you wrong because you consider anyone who believes in God to be an expletive even though you constantly disrespect and degrade him. All you had to say is that he is impotent when all you do is disrespect him time and time again and claimed he is impotent when he obviously would be impotent to you because all you do is mock, being the evil person you are and you should really get out of that. I can tell you already have true experience in name-calling because that seemingly has been the only thing that you have said so far. That and calling him impotent just because you have no respect for him and refuse to even acknowledge him in a respectful manner based on your respect to me as a common man.

    But it's even more sad because you know that you are doing this and you think it's right. You even say to me that you don't treat your friends like they're expletives. Of course you don't because in real life, you wouldn't disrespect someone's belief in God the way you do on here because you know, no one is going to go for that in real life. I am still praying for you because you need it but if you don't want it, it makes my praying useless and you obviously don't want it because you continue to disrespect me and Yah and not see anything wrong with it and you say I'm being disrespectful when you are the main one. I bet you can't even say anything nice about him because you are so stuck up in your views that he doesn't exist and that he is impotent in which I've already explained is very very wrong as he's not powerless if you actually take consideration of him in your own life but you obviously don't as all you do is insult him. You will get with you get in the future for the things you say. Let me tell you, he is not impotent to that.

    I will have you know that I I have never, ever, used the words wish because I would never wish that you were related to me because I would hurt myself before I would hurt you dealing with your lack of faith so stop lying on me. But what I did say is if you were my daughter or wife. I never said I wish for you to be my daughter or wife as there would be no reason to, neither would I want to as that would be pure consolidated hell, as I would have punished you and then punished myself for having you in the first place. By the way, I'm thinking that your slogan should be impotent because that seems to be the only thing you can say about my God and you think it really has power but you even saying that God is impotent is impotent. If anything, you are impotent to God as all you have of use is to mock and ridicule. But that's okay because I already realize you have no courtesy at all. You can't even find it in your heart to respect him. It's fine that you don't believe in him but you go out of your way to disrespect him just because you believe that the belief in him is stupid is wrong and immoral. But maybe there's hope for you to change, but then again, most likely not has you have already stated that you have no problem with being evil.

  • looter

    OrphanCrow, Anyone that's not a child does not believe Santa Claus to be true and why would they because he doesn't exist. And your definition of belief is very wrong as it isn't about what we know nothing about but about something that we believe to be true based on what we see. Of course you would say I know nothing about it because you don't even believe in God and like, Viviane, you believe my faith to be juvenile.

  • Viviane

    Looter, you're hilarious. No one call you anything for believing in an impotent god.

    You got called out for acting like an asshole, threatening women and everyone else here, for continual lying and being a jerk.

    Your beliefs in an impotent god have nothing to do with it.

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