What is the purpose of life?

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  • slimboyfat

    While reading the magazines the other day it occurred to me that JWs never really had a very good answer to that question. Because it was aimed at young people and it said something along the lines, "if you believe in God you have a purpose, but if you don't believe in God your life has no purpose or meaning". I think that is a faulty analysis of the situation. Belief in God does not in itself give life meaning. Plus it assumes that life should or can have meaning. I won't dispute that or confirm it in this box.

    I was going to write a longer post to explain what the meaning of life really is. But I got one of these nuisance commercial calls from India and I foolishly answered their survey questions which included whether I read the Times newspaper. At the same time I caught a Cubone that was running around. Anyway I have to leave in twenty minutes and I have to get ready, so I haven't got time to write the post I imagined writing around the meaning of life.

    So if I could just put the question out there and see what there is. I'll maybe come back later with the correct answer. I resist passing judgement.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    What is the purpose of life? - we each decide what our purpose is in life. I've always been interested in natural history so I studied Animal Biology at uni. I am now looking for research assistant jobs and am also considering post-grad study.

    Terry is interested in writing, so he writes stuff. Snare&Racket is interested in medicine, the human anatomy plus he no doubt wants to help people, so he practices medicine as a qualified doctor.

    In evolutionary terms, the purpose of life for humans, as with other species, is to pass on genetic material in viable, fertile offspring.

  • John_Mann

    Some positivists would ask for scientific evidence of "meaning" or "purpose" of life. Positivism is very flawed and are everywhere lately with blind followers (usually they even don't know they're following it).

    But this is a philosophical question.

    In philosophy field one will inevitably reach the Absurdism when trying to answer this question. Because our desires, including the purpose of life, does not come in shiny scientific packages of answers. In other words we are the only animals that desires things that doesn't grow in the trees of the material world. We are like fishes wishing for fire.

    After Absurdism you have only two options: Nihilism and Existencialism.

    Nihilism says life have no purpose and more: life can't have any purpose.

    Existencialism says life can have purpose and it divides in two options: one says you can give any purpose you like and the other says the purpose is metaphysical and is already planned.

    These two subcategories is called Atheistic Existencialism and Theistic Existencialism.

    With this philosophical explanation we can label any answer in this topic.

    I'm a christian existencialist. So that's my answer to the purpose of life.

  • Landy

    Life doesn't have a purpose other than what you choose to make it.

  • nicolaou
    I'll maybe come back later with the correct answer.

    To the question 'What is the Purpose of Life?' you have the correct answer?! Okay, I'll bite.

    Nic' - waiting for enlightenment.

  • careful

    Your observation that in WT publications this question was usually directed to young people rings true. Likely that's for two reasons, at least from the official JW perspective: 1. younger children don't wonder such issues until around puberty, so the WT publication writers were/are attempting to address what young born-in teens are thinking about ("Does God exist? If so/if not, what should I do?"). 2. the WT power structure is aware of the constant drainage of the youth, so they are attempting, however feebly, to stem the tide.

    If I may play their advocate here (obviously NOT because I agree with them on multiple issues), wouldn't they say that an adult 's purpose in life is to recognize the principle at Rev. 4:11, that all creatures should recognize their created status and their creator, and respond to that by willingly, even eagerly, serving that creator, doing whatever the creator wants?

    Please recognize that I am only playing their advocate in response to SBF's OP, not because I am defending the WTS. The WTS position here is one that has been long held by various Christian theologians, many of whom existed well before Charles Taze Russell lived.

    Now, SBF, your version of the correct answer is no doubt awaited by far more of us than nicolaou and me. One request: please try to keep it moderately brief and to the point!

  • jws

    42? No, that's the meaning of life.

    In JW terms, I would think that their purpose is to get to a life of ease in a paradise. A basic "things will be better when..." mentality. Their purpose is to strive for that dangling carrot.

  • Heaven

    On a natural level it is reproduction, growth, and survival. On a more philosophical level at least from a homo sapien viewpoint, I would say 'To Be Happy'.

  • John_Mann

    'To Be Happy'

    This the motto of every cult in the world.

  • Sanchy

    Typ JW answer: God gave us the purpose of filling the earth, that we convert it into a paradise, subjugate the animals, and live happily forever according to his instructions.

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