JW and the Sabbath

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  • Andromeda
    ...well maybe you wish to live now but I prefer to live the real life in the future

    ...well maybe you wish to live now but I prefer to live the real life in the future

    You have the same chance of being resurrected..

    As every other JW whose been resurrected.

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    This Is Your Only Reward For a

    Life Time of Service To The WatchTower...

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  • OrphanCrow
    andro: The bible mentions many books some of which are not available to us today and I must believe that they are from God otherwise why mention them in the scriptures at all? Some that are available to us today I have read and touch the blood subject much more profoundly. No blood by any means

    Please reference a source for this.

    What books have you read that "touch the blood subject much more profoundly"?

    Please expand

  • redpilltwice

    Keep the sabbath on saturday (as supposed to be) and you'll have a reason to never go out in field service on saturday anymore. Follow your bible-trained conscience!

  • 2+2=5

    Hi Andromeda.

    I was also a JW and found myself not able to believe what the Wt teaches in regard to 1914. I did some more research and discovered many things.

    The Sabbath day was established in the garden of Eden way before sin came into existence among ourselves. Had we never sinne

    There was no 'garden of Eden' and there is no such thing as sin or fall from perfection. No heaven or hell or Angels and Demons and no afterlife.

    It's all quite literally bullshit.

  • OrphanCrow
    Andro: Also I went to medical school...

    That is so cool

    I have wanted to talk to someone just like you for a long time now. I have so many questions you can help me out with

    I hope you don't mind answering them for me.

    To start:

    1) what medical school did you attend?

    2) what program were you enrolled in?

    3) did you graduate and if you did, have you, or do you, work(ed) in the medical field?

    I have more questions about specific noblood procedures and how they apply to the JW patient but I will get to them after you tell me a bit more about your level of knowledge and what your specialty/training etc has been


  • poopie

    You are absolutely corect in your conclusions. The sabbath is not binding on true christians however Jesus and all.the apostles observed it there is no indication that they did not observe it. I have observed the sabbath for the last year and I feel yehowah has blessed me because of it.Did he bless me prior ? Yes but I feel like I have more blessings now.

  • Diogenesister

    IHi Andromeda, ( interesting name, considering the ancients, including the Jews, were and still are very obsessed with the movements of the heavenly bodies). I think if you feel that the sabbath should be kept, and it makes you feel better to observe it, do. It is [i] your[/i] life and no one has the right to control your beliefs, actions and thoughts. I personally believe Jesus' message around the sabbath, as around everything, is that love comes first. Want to observe the sabbath? Fine... But if your sick friend requires you to help her with chores.., go ahead, love is the priority.

    I believe you would benefit from a book by an author called Steve Hassan called Combatting Cult Mind Control. You've nothing to loose by reading it and everything to gain. It is not against religion by the way.

    please take care, there are many splinter groups that left the WT despite what they say, they themselves being an offshoot of Adventist and Millerism etc. you may find you have more in comman with them.All their predictions have not come true, Jeruselem didn't fall in 607BC therefore the GB do not have the Holy Spirit more or less than anyone else. Do keep researching.

  • Andromeda

    If you believe there is no God there that's your own conclusion which is far from mine. I don't intent on convincing anyone of there being a God. I am well aware of the powers of demons and the deception they've played on us for centuries.

    @orphancrow I did not finished medical school due to a car accident. However, I have a sister who is a doctor, her husband is an anesthesiologist, my cousin and her husband are both doctors, my uncle is a doctor, my other sister is a nurse and have many other family members in various fields of medicine. As you can imagine this subject is a common subject amongs us. Anyways, you can read the apocryphal books and draw your own conclusions.

    And back to the subject at hand, I believe the sabbath to be a gift more than a law or commandment. Not to mention that Jesus clearly expects his followers to keep it as it will be kept in the new world as well.

    I'm a JW but by no means I am blinded by their mistakes. I do, however, agree with their bible teachings as far as some doctrines. In fact I agree with most of them. But at the end of the day I don't seek approval by a religious organization but by Jehovah himself. He is the source of life and salvation. I am a JW but by no means I will follow them blindly. It is just a place for me to have a connection with people who believe in God and have akin beliefs. I follow the bible first and foremost. Is the JW God's organization? The bible is clear "the WHOLE world lies under the power of Satan" the whole world. No where in there it says "except Jehovah's witnesses"

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Welcome to the site and congratulations in having the courage to post here and think independently. I also enjoyed your last point!

    I agree with Diogenesister to keep researching. Like you Andromeda, I never in my twenty five year run as a JW believed that the scriptures pinpointed 1914, it just did not gel. I also had to rationalise that the Biblical flood was just a story or world myth and not a factual event...it could not possibly have happened since there is not a trace of evidence for a global flood at that time or at anytime for that matter. And so it went on... yet Jesus believed in the flood but it could not have happened? Adam and eve are clearly mythical since according to scientific evidence Homo sapiens have been walking the Earth for at least one hundred and fifty thousand years having descended from yet earlier kinds of human.

    So however much you read the Bible, neither can you nor anyone else make a coherent or watertight explanation of it all let alone making a case to keep one day a week holy.

    So Andromeda, like your namesake, don't be tied to that terrible rock forever but get rescued by understanding that we are not bound to anything written in the Bible, both it and religion is a human practice devised to keep the superstitious under control.

    Become yourself and learn the truth about "the truth".

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