JW and the Sabbath

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  • OrphanCrow
    andro: the bible is easy to understand

    Then you should have no need for this post


    Unless you haven't stated your intentions clearly...

  • Sevan

    Read jwfacts.com. Very helpful information. Whatever you do in life, you should do so knowing and considering all information.

    Also, you don't need to go to another church. Peter said to Jesus, "Lord, whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life," not where shall we go away to (John 6:68). As Christians, first and foremost, we need to follow and imitate Christ. If you think deeply about the situation with the organization, you will see how far they have strayed from the personality and example of Jesus Christ.

    Think about how Jesus would feel if we promoted and supported a religion that destroys families through shunning, that actively protects child molesters, that sacrifice their children through denying blood transfusions and that consistently puts themselves in the place of Jesus and Jehovah. That teaches many things that are in contradiction to the scriptures and that teaches false prophesies. There are so many other evils this religion actively promotes and causes, it could fill books and has filled books.

    "Go, then, and learn what this means: 'I want mercy and not sacrifice'" (Matthew 9:13).

    Truth seeks the light and stands up under scrutiny. Falsehood seeks the darkness and crumbles under scrutiny.

    Think sincerely about the reason why the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses, the supposed purveyors of the only truth, actively discourages members from reading anything critical of the religion and from engaging in critical thinking. If they have the truth, why are they worried and what do they have to hide? Do you not have the right to make informed decisions after considering all information? Why are they trying to prevent you from exercising your human right of free thought and access to information? Why do they shun those that simply disagree on a point if they have the truth? Cannot the truth stand up to scrutiny and debate?

  • FayeDunaway

    You have accepted how the witnesses have twisted everything else, why not 1914?

    If I was you, I would do further research. Try Jwfacts.com.

    And then, since the sabbath is important to you, look into Seventh Day Adventists.

  • Sanchy

    Data dog the bible is easy to understand. What makes it difficult to understand is the customs of men we've allowed in our lives.

    Every Bible believer says the same thing. Yet there are a million different interpretations of bible teaching, each appearing logical, evident and "easy" to the respective interpreter.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    If I'm not mistaken, a JW cannot be disfellowshipped for observing the sabbath provided he does not promote sabbath adherence to other JWs. I recall hearing talks where it was mentioned that if a JW chooses to observe the sabbath he can do so as long as he does not promote it and speak negatively of those that don't.

    But there is actually more biblical support for not needing to observe the sabbath, than there is for 1914. So I find it odd that it is the sabbath issue that causes you to want to leave and not the far more unscriptural 1914 issue.

  • stillin

    Andromeda, what does "observing" the Sabbath mean to you? The Seventh Day Adventists do a much better job of honoring this part of God's Word than the Witnesses do, but for some reason the two religions remain at odds with each other, bickering over invisible stuff.

    It seems like a God of peace would make allowances for people's inherited faults. And help us build bridges, not walls.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    You have PM

  • Saename

    To my knowledge, you can observe the Sabbath and still be a Jehovah's Witness. A Sabbath is simply about not working on Saturday (unless you persist it be Sunday, but then I'm not sure why you would want to adhere to other Biblical rules but not this one...) If you choose not to work on Saturday, which in and of itself would not be participating in unscriptural holidays, you're completely fineā€”but again, to my knowledge only.

    But if you don't believe in 1914... Well, you're gonna get disfellowshipped. The whole belief in the Governing Body is based on this year. And the whole belief in the Armageddon. So...

  • Andromeda

    I have done research for many years and for those that believe blood is okay to receive, I say absolutely not. The bible mentions many books some of which are not available to us today and I must believe that they are from God otherwise why mention them in the scriptures at all? Some that are available to us today I have read and touch the blood subject much more profoundly. No blood by any means. Also I went to medical school and the no blood procedures are much safer and better for us which thanks to Jehovah's witnesses refusal of blood this research has been possible.

    The Sabbath day was established in the garden of Eden way before sin came into existence among ourselves. Had we never sinned, the Sabbath would be ongoing to this day. So why is this day at all important? This is a gift to us from God, a day that he set aside to share with us. And this day was being kept all the way down to the days of the Israelites. It is the only day He named and sanctified. It is the 4th commandment and no where in the scriptures this was done away with. The Sabbath is for all Mankind not just for the Jews because this was the FIRST law if you will, Jehovah established and he himself observed first. The verses which appear to have abolished the Sabbath have nothing to do with the Sabbath, it is either food or the way the Christians were observing the Sabbath

    It was never done away with and in the bible there proof the apostles kept it, as well as historical evidence the early chrisitians adhered to this commanded until the rise of the Gnostics and their pagan traditions influenced the church. Then of course the RCC mandated the day of the venerable sol invinctus to be the day of worship.

    I haven't made any claims to defend 1914.

    And the Sabbath still applies to us because in Mathew 24:20 Jesus said "Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath." If the Sabbath would not longer apply to us this would have been the perfect moment for Jesus to have made it clear, as this is a verse in regards to the LAST DAYS.

    So my point was if anyone here had opened their eyes to the Sabbath and the importance of keeping it?

    Isaiah 66:23

    It shall happen, that from one new moon to another, and from one Sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me," says Yahweh.

    The Sabbath is to be kept forever.


    Also I went to medical school and the no blood procedures are much safer and better for us which thanks to Jehovah's witnesses refusal of blood this research has been possible.

    He`s Lost a Lot of Blood..

    This Man Needs a..

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