JW and the Sabbath

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  • myelaine

    dear leaving_quietly...

    observing the sabbah is a time to rest from "labour". In an agricultural community that would have meant don't go and work in the fields which is why the pharisees challenged Jesus. I don't know if pulling a couple of handfulls of weeds in the flower garden is considered labour but I do know that picking peas or what ever is "harvesting" and therefore labour.

    We can observe the sabbath by not labouring. Reading and enjoying personal hobbies may not be labour. Taking time to read and reflect on God's word and getting together for fellowship with like minded individuals is also observing the sabbath. The point is, make the day one of rest and thank God for the day.

    I find it interesting that even on sunday, the churches day of worship, most of the church people I know will carry on doing labour, shopping and dining out (which means causing others to work for you) when the bible says not to. I did that too not realizing that it is actually called defiling that day. If someone is committed to observing the 7th day sabbath and knows these basics, I think he/she becomes more sensitive to what is "right" or "wrong" on that day...God is working with the conscience and leading. I know that some people in leadership roles go completely overboard with rules too and I think that they are mining the letter of the law for the purpose of holding power of authority over people. Boo.

    I do the best I can to not defile the saturday sabbath now, and that's all that God asks...that I worship in spirit and truth. No labour, no shopping, no dining out and keeping my thoughts on God and His word while I go about my day. There is no group like minded where I live to fellowship with on that day but there's online teaching that kind of fits with what I need right now.

  • Andromeda

    http://www.opusdei.org/en-us/article/the-familys-educational-mission-i/ to get to upus dei you need to do some reserach. You will first find PARED. Anyhow wikepedia wont give you all those answers

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    Myelane thats great. I do the same =)

  • Andromeda

    Never a jw you probably hang arounf the same scholars. Idk. I doubt you know them all. There scientists who are creationist yet the world says they are mad etc.

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