The urban legends we heard as JWs!

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  • Hairtrigger

    I don’t remember the exact way it went ( told about 49 years ago) but something to do with the brothers apprehending an imposter or a spy maybe, at a convention who claimed to be a witness. When asked to state Matt 24: 14 the guy was stumped. Handed over to the police.

  • Hairtrigger

    Here’s one that may sound familiar. A sister was doing a row of houses and had just finish d the last one and was tired. Just then she spotted another house a bit farther up . She was about to finish for the day and had no energy to walk up to that house a distance away. But something within n her urged her to and she walked tiredly up to the house and knocked. Inside was a man who was about to comit suicide as he had financial troubles and the family was sick etc.

    He invited her in and took a study . Within a month he and his family were studying to be baptized and his financial situation improved and now the whole family is pioneering.

  • ShirleyW

    A sister from our hall back in the late 60's went to help where the need was great. Don't know how many other roommates she had but, one mtg night they only had a little bit of money left, so should they buy gas to go to the meeting or by some food, needless to say, they went to the mtg. But when they got back home there was a basket of food and groceries waiting for them!! Oh what a lovely story of how Jah provides for his people !!

    My mother used to love to tell that story, but I remember either on this site or another one I read the same story a while back, could've been pertaining to the same group of sisters, but somehow knowing how these crazy stories get around I doubt it.

  • Alive!

    I’ve heard most of these stories in one form or another.....around the western world...seriously.

    My husband and I would always keep quiet when the silly story hour started...usually after some brother had had a few wines and was in full swing.....

  • asp59


    That actually happened to me in service. Felt an urge to go back to a house I visited that no one was home. When I went back the owner was returning. He told me he had depression cause wife left him and he started to study with us. He moved to another town I lost contact. Probably never became JW. This was back in the 90s.

  • stillin

    Similar to Hairtrigger's; security at a convention suspected that a man was a pickpocket working the mid-day break crowd. When the sessions started back up, sure enough, he walked out to the parking lot! They approached him asking why he was leaving and said that they should at least have a prayer before he left and would he please represent them in prayer? He bows his head and says, "Hail Mary, full of grace..." the brothers grab him and opened his book bag and it was stuffed with wallets that he had stolen!

  • pale.emperor

    There was a crazy African brother in a neighboring congregation that rules his wife and daughters like a dictator. Super strict. One convention he was up there being interviewed about how Jehovah provides. He related he quit his job so that he could full time pioneer while his poor wife went to work TWO jobs. But, you know, this is what Jehovah wants. He really wanted a new kitchen but their congregation also needed funds to build a new hall - so, being the good JW he was he donated all the cash to his congregation <round of applause>.

    "And what happened next brother?"

    A month later he received a cheque from the Inland Revenue for exactly the amount needed for his new kitchen.

    <Another round of applause>

    About a year later, his daughter (who has since rebelled against her uber-strict upbringing) told me at a witness party that it was actually fraud. He made a bogus claim on his insurance to get the money for his kitchen AND he was claiming disability benefits while being perfectly healthy and full time pioneering.

  • punkofnice

    I witnessed this weird 'experience™' being related from the horses gob as it were.

    Some geezer was on the platform at Bowes Road Arse-embly back in the 1980's.

    His wife had given birth to their sprog. The people where he worked got him a card and some gifts.

    The bleedin' idiot related how he'd given them back and said, 'we don't celebrate birthdays!'


    Even when I was a dyed in teh wool Jobo, I thought this bloke was totally didlow......not to mention the stupid fools that approved of such nonsense being related at an arse-embly.

    Perhaps not an urban leg-end but it's the sort of stuff the Jobonious ones lap up.

    How crappifying.

  • OnTheWayOut

    There was some third world JW pioneer who was going to have to stop pioneering to get food for his family. As he prayed over the matter, a huge wild animal (apparently not of the killer kind) came running into his hut and he easily killed it and had enough food for a couple weeks and his situation got better in that time to never come off the pioneer list.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I heard there was a man who was depressed and walking on a train track waiting to be hit by a train. Than stumbled on a Watchtower book, read it and became a witness.

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