The urban legends we heard as JWs!

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  • skin

    A father showing his son why gambling is a waste of money and wrong, to prove it he put one coin in a gambling machine and hit jackpot.

    When tragedy hits some country, JW's are first to get in there to give help, usually via some unknown way in that the government officials don't know about. Odd thing this is, that I have heard members of other religions quote the same story about their church being first to get in and render aid to these areas hit with tragedy.

    No one have proven JW's wrong, by the way, don't listen to anyone that could make you question your faith, they are apostates from Satan.

  • blownaway

    This one came from the stage at the 1970s Detroit Tiger stadium assembly Can not remember exactly what year. A father and son were on their way home walking in south America, can not remember what country. But it was dark and they stopped by a catholic church and got a candle to light their way home. The son got really sick on the way home. The father started to hurry to take the son to get help and was blocked by some entity. He knew what was going on and took the candle back to the church and the son was not sick and the way not blocked bla bla bla.

  • doubtfull1799


    Demonized objects form yard sales

    Poltergeist stories

    In fact the whole satanic panic in the 80's led me to having nightmares for years. In fact it was not till I woke up a couple of years ago that I stopped having "demon" nightmares in association with my sleep paralysis.

  • blownaway

    This one comes from the early 90s. There was an elder in East Germany, He was struck by lightning while doing covert witnessing. He died and the other elders knew that in communist Germany everything belongs to the state. So they went to his apt. to get anything incriminating toward the congregation. When they got there they found he was a Stasi agent working as a mole. They could tell he was about to report in and so gathered up the evidence and took it before the other Stasi agents could. So Jehovah killed the Stasi agent. LOL

    Now this goes to another story. After I heard this from the platform at a district convention the elder who I worked with I started to ask him a question. I said you heard the story at the assembly about the stasi agent? Yes he said. Well Jehovah killed him, but I had asked you before about the elders being appointed by Jehovah, so Jehovah appointed this guy knowing he was a Stasi agent. Well he said, Jehovah must have seen something good in him. Shit how do you argue with this kind of mind numb?

  • HiddlesWife

    @ doubtfull1799 re: Smurfs.

    You Tuber Apostates Anonymous a.k.a. Smurf Girl has related that her involvement on "The Six Screens of The Watchtower" internet radio program plus within a video of hers with the infamous Smurf plush doll. Many listeners were shocked as well as intrigued by her story about this toy.

    IMO, WT has a great deal of creepiness due to their obsession with the occult--which they many times over/time and time again have preached vehemently against.

  • User99

    I heard that there was a question on the Jeopardy game show, with the clue stating that this Bible translation was the most accurate. The JW that I was with stated that the answer was The New World Translation. Another made up story, according to Snopes.

  • asp59

    Sandino I heard that one living in South America. We was supposed to be from Colombia. Yes JW wife's are one of the most gossiping women I met. I think cause there's lives is so boring and empty. I always tell them...get a hobby women.

  • Sandino

    Uh oh asp59, we MAY have a true story on our hands! I had heard that story from a European brother, but later when talking to a Colombian brother, HE said that it had happened IN Colombia! If the person DID exist, pobresito!

  • asp59

    Yeah story goes he murdered a pioneer before becoming JW. As to show repentance he promised God to become pioneer and do double hours for JW he killed. Mind you this was back in the 80s when I think a pioneer did 90 hours a month!

  • hoser

    Some little girl brought her smurf doll to the Kingdom Hall and it bit her in the leg.

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