The urban legends we heard as JWs!

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  • Vidiot

    And let's not forget the all-time classic about "satanic" rock albums that took too long to burn when you tried to set them on fire.

    When I was still in, I made a point of debunking that one, too... "They're made of vinyl, folks... it's a specifically slow-burning material. Even the Society's records would take that long." I'm sure you can all imagine how well that info went over (you know, in retrospect, I think I was as much of a shit-disturber then as I am now ).

    With those stories - and the "backmasking" thing - you can imagine my relief when CDs became widespread... they melted easily, and you couldn't play 'em backwards even if you wanted to, so the superstition old-timers would finally have to shut up about it.

  • snare&racket

    Worst one I heard was my friends mum saying that on the radio a spiritualist was answering questions from the host, when asked what message spirits has for mankind, the spiritualist said “ The spirits seem interested in talking about young Jehovah’s Witnesses, they seem obsessed by them”

    This kind of bs lies shows how evil WT and some followers are. Using fear and darkness to brainwash and blackmail the youth into keeping in line through sinister fear. Teaching children that demons have predatory spiritual interest in them is EVIL and amounts to child abuse in my view.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Its ironic Snare&araket that witnesses are taught demons would be so interested in young JW's while many who are elders actually abuse them.

  • Gorbatchov

    An official jw story is that a tornado that killed a bunch of jw's in country (x) lead to extra sand winning in country (y), just in need to speed up the local branch building project.

    So not only informal, but also formal story's of that weird kind.


  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I too heard the one about the sister protected by invisible Angels out in service. I also heard the one about John Denver telling all JWs to get out of his concert. Both of these have been specifically debunked by

    I also heard one about a demonic toy that made a kid's clothes get up and walk around by themselves.

    Then there was an apostate dressed as a clown who went in during the public talk to scream in the speakers face. He opened his mouth, but no sound would come out.

    Then there was the pioneer who swears that the dog coming at her was held back by an invisible force. Guess she never heard of an electric fence.

  • Sandino

    Anyone heard about the guy that became a witness, then started putting in the DOUBLE amount of hours for his pioneering quota. When asked why, he said he was doing it for the witness he had killed in a past life or something. Please tell me, that's a myth, bc as much as we can agree most weak minded, this guy would be doubly so.

  • eyeuse2badub

    The one that always stuck out to was the urban legend about Michael Jackson being a jw!

    just saying!

  • eyeuse2badub
    Confusedandangry3 hours [email protected], are you from Cali? I heard that exact rumor all my life growing up!

    I'm from central Californication! Grew up in SoCal.

    just saying!

  • Festus

    In Europe it was Bruce Spingsteen in Stockholm - who asked witnesses to leave the venue. When he was starting to play he repeated the request - some witnesses had choose to stay. Horrible....Boss was clearly instrument of demons/satan but still witnesses chose to stay....what a legend.

    Another one - I heard this one i NYC - was that a CO had been in field service and met a psychic. Psychic told him that in "spirit world" they had had a conference and they thought "hey lets invite witnesses". So there in the spirit world they flew to Brooklyn but could not get access to HQ cause it was guarded by angels..."so many angels". Shuure...

  • FedUpJW

    The one I heard was about a C.O. who in the early 1970's was on his first tour of duty in Kentucky (USA). He stopped in a barber shop in some out of the way Holler for a haircut when he very first arrived. When he was comfortably seated the barber's voice changed to something out of The Exorcist and the barber growled, "You killed our children at the flood, now we are going after your children!" The claim was that the barber did not know him, or that he was a JDub. So how could the barber make that comment except by the aid of demunz.

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