Judge sanctions WTS - $4k per day penalty for not producing sex abuse documents

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  • JWdaughter

    Forget tally marks, just keep a running total: $4,000, $8000, $12,000, $16,000, $20,000. . . .That will make her curious.

    If we were to ask: "What would be worth a daily $4,000 fine to you in order to not disclose something to a court? Is there anything in your life or our family life that a legitimate court order could demand you to disclose in the interest of justice that you would pay $4,000 a day to keep it private?"

    This is the same organization that announces the decisions that they make about private matters when they mark, reprove or dis-fellowship members.

  • JWdaughter

    From Wiki "The San Diego Reader is the largest alternative press paper in the county of San Diego, distributed free in stands and private businesses throughout the county, funded by advertisements. Averaging 90,000 copies per issue, it reportedly has the largest circulation of any alternative weekly publication in the nation.[2] It frequently presents an opposing viewpoint to the San Diego Union Tribune, the primary printed newspaper in the city."

    When I've lived in large cities, the alternative newspapers were often the only ones pursuing news like this. In Tacoma, WA, there was the Tacoma Dome Parking Scandal-It was first reported by the alternative newspaper. Sure, there are a lot of, lets say "quirky" or kind of nasty, even, ads on the back page and some in the middle, but they are made for local news stories that are often ignored, local arts and performances, unbiased (usually) reviews of plays or restaurants. All the new, hip bars are advertized, as well as festivals, fairs, etc.

  • undercover

    I saw that wiki on the Reader as well, JWdaughter. Thanks for sharing with everyone else.

    I don't have a problem with papers like the Reader. I've read them in other cities, and most of them are well done.

    But, for ultra-conservative christian types, including JWs, 'alternative' news sources are not trusted. They perceive them to be written with an agenda, be it LGBT, pro-abortion, pro-marijuana, anti-establishment, etc etc etc. With JWs, they already don't trust mainstream media to some degree, thanks to the WTS demonizing the media when they run bad press against them. An alternative news source will be even more suspect. I don't doubt that some JWs would accuse them of making the whole thing up. That's why I'd love to see some major news outlets pick up on this story. Multiple reports from different sources, maybe picked up by the AP, Reuters, etc. even.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Data dog......calm down.

    I am not "witholding information that could help abuse victims". How did you even come to such an erroneous conclusion? There are outside large national or regional firms helping the WT with their case load. Im not even sure why this is surprising. I know aomekne that works for one of these firms. He knows they are one of a few. I didnt ask too much, because quite frankly as an attorney there isnt much im gonna get.

    Call BS all you like. I really dont care.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    Check PM as well ;-)


    1) I am calm. Did I write in all CAPS or use exclamation points? I'm not saying that you are lying, but I call BS for not revealing names. Why? Because we need to expose the WTBTS, and help those who may be on the verge of escaping. We espescially need to help children.

    2) I can understand a law firm not wanting to lose a paying customer, espescially a good one. Again, children are being raped, and it's being hidden from parents.


    3) We need to confirm, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this is a true story.


  • JWdaughter

    I believe they use outside law firms.

    • They use outside consultants.(Remember ARC?)
    • They will use outside contractors. (Fancy new HQ buildings/sites)
    • They are outsourcing the printing of the publications now in some country(ies?)
    • There cannot be enough JW lawyers to keep up with all the lawsuits that the WT faces, especially nowadays.These are specialized and critically important. They can't have half assed screw ups. While I am sure that they have a few very competent experienced lawyers, with thousands of congregations, KH's, conferences all the time and 8 million minimally educated JWs, there can't be enough lawyers numerically to deal with it all.
  • ScenicViewer

    Watchtower hired a firm that specializes is appeals cases to handle the Candace Conti appeal.

  • wifibandit

    Of course they use outside help. This is not a secret. Look at who their lawyers were in the following case:

    Superior Court of California - County of San Diego

    Case Number: 37-2013-00067529-CU-PO-CTL

    Date Filed: 09/18/2013

    Case Title: Padron vs. Doe 1


    Representation: Kahn, Beth A; McNamara, Francis J; OLSON, DEAN A

    Now, I know McNamara, Francis J is from Patterson Legal.

    But Beth A. Kahn is a partner at Morris Polich & Purdy per http://www.mpplaw.com/beth-kahn/

  • Vidiot

    tiki - "Why are they so damned determined to protect criminal pedophiles?!?"

    Because the public release of the WT's pedo database will no doubt reveal a shit-ton more names of offenders that the Org has covered for...

    ...hard numbers which reveal what we've already figured out: that - on average - there's at least one offender in every congregation in North America.

    After that, it'll only be a matter of time before a significant number of JW parents - realizing that no matter where they go, their kids are at risk - will throw up their hands and say, "f**k it, we're done", depriving the Org of a significant source of revenue flow (absolutely vital to a corporation, regardless of its assets) and a generation of future members.

    It will also reveal the names of prominent members in leadership positions, the arrest (or even public disgrace) of which will impede the Org's ability to function, and undermine the rank-and-file's confidence in the assertion that it's "God's Earthly Organization".

    Not to mention that fewer and fewer JW men are "reaching out" for positions of responsibility in local congregations, and public exposure of alleged sex offenses amongst potential candidates will disqualify them from "serving", causing the bottom of that barrel to be scraped bare to the wood.

    With all these considerations, it's very hard not to winder if the WTS is - at least from their POV - fighting for their life.

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