Judge sanctions WTS - $4k per day penalty for not producing sex abuse documents

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  • wannaexit

    Could it be that Leo Greenlees or Ewart Chitty (both ex-GB members) are on that list?

    Would it be grand !!!!

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    @ Anders. Thanks for the link. Check your messages

    @ Data-dog I just feel comfortable sharing some things publicly, and don't feel comfortable sharing other things. Not to hard to understand I'm sure.

    I am definitely anxious to see how this goes. THIS LAST SUNDAYS WATCHTOWER included respecting the police. I didn't read it but it must have been a "superior authorities" type thing. Ironically, apparently they have no problem disobeying these authorities when it suits them, behind the guise of the very document penned by Satan himself (constitution?).

    I had a friend mention he has a hard time with the police.....I linked the article and said ....."I think you are off the hook. Apparently you can choose what respect actually means and doesn't mean......and it doesn't always mean obey."

  • TimeBandit

    They ought to lock all the Governing Body members in a cage with a horny gorilla...


  • flipper

    TIME BANDIT- I dig it. Totally agree that's what should happen to the GB. And throw in a few hardened long time male prisoners from various prisons as well . It would be one party the GB would never forget


    Actually, it is hard for me to understand why information that could potentially help victims of abuse, would be concealed by anyone, for any reason.

    For instance, if I could prove that the WTBTS hired the same rebranding consultants as the Mormons, or Scientologists, I would share it. Or, if I could prove how much $$$ they spent to make their propaganda films, I would share it.

    I would do anything to put a nail in their coffin.


  • stuckinarut2

    The longer they string this out, the more guilty they just appear to be!

  • flipper

    STUCKINARUT- You make a really good point. " The longer they string this out, the more guilty they just appear. "

    Exactly. And WT leaders are SO arrogant, SO full of themselves - that they misapply scriptures thinking that they are obeying " God " by NOT turning over child abuse records to the courts ! That's how screwed up their thinking is feeling that God actually WANTS them to hide criminal child abuse records so a " worldly " court won't prosecute them !

    Their thinking is SO skewed to the point that they think that ONLY " Jehovah " can judge them about anything - that " worldly " courts don't have the right to judge them concerning even crimes ! And yet in reality " Jehovah " will never judge them about anything as He most probably doesn't exist- so WT leaders knowing this perhaps in the back of their minds feel , " well, hell - Jehovah hasn't brought Armageddon, so we'll just stall the courts and authorities and we'll use the marketing ploy to JW's that the " worldly courts " are persecuting us just like they did Jesus and the apostles , and most JW's will believe us and sympathize with our plight of " persecution " by the courts ! " .

    WT leaders are SO underhanded that as some have mentioned here- that is exactly what they are doing here. Using the assembly " bunker videos " to mentally prepare JW's for when the shit comes down in the media with stiffer penalties for hiding child abuse inside Jehovah's Witnesses. Talk about desperation ! But WT Society has pulled this deceit over before on it's followers in Rutherford's time when those WT leaders went to prison playing the " persecution card " - I imagine they feel they will pull it off again. The thing that's different now- is due to the Internet - MORE access to information than in 1918 so no one can hide under a rock anymore. This is beginning to get really interesting. I think we haven't seen the most exciting part of this " reality movie " yet ! Stay tuned


    If the WTBTS started to pay the day after the Judge issued his decision, they have currently paid out:


    How would you like to have $4,000.00 deposited into your bank account, every day? Most of us would never have to work again. Is there a better way to put this into perspective? If so, please tell me!

    By the way, we have a dry-erase board/calendar at home. My wife wrote, "Convention Time!!! 😄" I'm currently placing tally marks for each day the WTBTS continues to hide its Pedo letter from the Courts.

    I wonder how long it will take for her to become curious?


  • OrphanCrow
    DD: I'm currently placing tally marks for each day the WTBTS continues to hide its Pedo letter from the Courts.
    I wonder how long it will take for her to become curious?

    Change your tally marks to $$$$

    Money makes people curious

  • undercover


    Has this info been reported on anywhere but the San Diego Reader? Not to disparage the Reader, or it's journalists, but the Reader is one of the those free weekly tabloid style newspapers. I've searched the Union Tribune, and couldn't find anything. It is possible I missed it.

    The reason I bring it up: should anyone want to share this info with a JW family member, I'm afraid the JW would view the source as unreliable. Yes, I know that court orders could probably be easily found to prove the judge's action if one wanted to go that far, but it would be nice if this were reported by more than one weekly freebie newspaper. And yes, I know that some JWs would question the New York Times even if they published it. But the more publicity that court actions like this get through many and more national news outlets, the better. Many people who have left the religion left because of news reports of child abuse and the cover up scandals.

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