Judge sanctions WTS - $4k per day penalty for not producing sex abuse documents

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  • Simon

    Judge sanctions Jehovah's Witnesses

    Imposes $4000-a-day penalty for not producing documents in sex-abuse case

    By Dorian Hargrove, June 24, 2016

    A San Diego Superior Court judge has ordered the Church of Jehovah's Witnesses, also known as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, to pay $4000 a day for every day that it fails to produce documents requested in a civil lawsuit brought by former parishioner, Osbaldo Padron, who claims a church elder sexually abused him when he was seven years old.

    In a June 23 ruling, expected to be made final today, judge Richard Strauss admonished the church for willfully ignoring a court order to produce all documents associated with a 1997 Body of Elders letter that church leaders sent to parishes around the world in a quest to learn about sexual abuse of children by church leaders.

    Over the course of the past year, the Watchtower Society and its lawyers have fought hard to keep the letter confidential, claiming that turning over the documents would infringe on the privacy of those mentioned in the letter that were not associated with the case.

    In March 2015, the church turned over a heavily redacted version of the letter. Opposing attorneys called the redactions excessive, rendering the document illegible. Judge Strauss then assigned a discovery referee to sit with the two sides. But having a referee involved didn't solve matters. Repeatedly, the Watchtower Society has stated that it will not comply with the order.

    "By the time of the hearing on the motion for sanctions, it will have been over a year since the initial order and almost three months since the [referee's recommendation] was adopted," reads Strauss's ruling. "In the period since...Watchtower has shown no effort or willingness to comply with the discovery order.

    "Based upon the history in this case and Watchtower's statements...the court finds that Watchtower's failure to comply is willful...Watchtower clearly has control over the documents it has already produced and could revise the redactions with regard to those documents. This is obviously and clearly within the scope of Watchtower's powers which it chooses not to exercise. Continuing to repeat its prior unsuccessful arguments in opposition to the discovery order further illustrates Watchtower's obstinacy in compliance."

    READ MORE: http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2016/jun/24/ticker-judge-sanctions-jehovahs-witnesses/

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  • xjwsrock

    That's Great. Stick it to 'em!

    Their courtroom heyday is officially over.


    Judge sanctions WTS - $4k per day penalty for not producing sex abuse documents

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  • smiddy

    They have thumbed their nose at the law ( on numerous occasions ) before and got away with it

    So I will reserve my judgement till the final verdict is sounded , and I`m not holding my breath .

    just saying


  • mikeypants

    This is proof that jdubs are being persecuted and Satan is indeed in control over the earth. The end is getting so close now.

    Are we not ready to do more to serve jehovah during these final moments of this wicked system?

  • LostGeneration
  • Crazyguy

    Unfortunately thats only about 1.5 million per year. The watchtower could just ingnore the court for years.

  • ScenicViewer

    Crazyguy: Unfortunately that only about 1.5 million per year. The watchtower could just ingnore the court for years.

    I was thinking the same thing. The sale of just one Brooklyn building brought in $700 million, another $300 million, and there are many other Brooklyn properties already sold or soon to be sold.

    A multi-billion dollar corporation could pay out $1.5 million per year forever and not notice it. Perhaps in time the sanctions will be increased to match Watchtower's wealth and stubbornness.

    Maybe the bad publicity will have more of an effect than the $4000 per day. There will probably be some great Youtube videos to follow.



  • jwleaks

    To All Congregations in the USA

    Dear Brothers,

    In this time of the end the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses have approved the establishment of a new world wide work fund. All congregations in the USA have been selected for the privelege of donating $4000 per day. We thank you in advance for your loving contributions.

    Your brothers,

    Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania

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