What If Jehovah's Witnesses Are Right?

by shamus 82 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • c5

    Interesting question. Questions like these offer interesting dialogs!

    I do not regret my decision of leaving, and I never will. I am proud of leaving and getting enlightened, thinking for myself. If it would turn out that armagedden comes as JW's believe (which I HIGHlY doubt), I would stand proud of my choices and trust that I would be judged fairly as I have tried my best to understand this life and to lead it well. I have faith that no matter what happens, I will be ok.


  • blacksheep

    Gosh. The only thing that comes to mind when thinking of the title to this thread, is this: what if Hitler was right? What if the Aryans WERE the master race and we just missed the boat? He coulod have ushered in a new reich that would represent the Master Plan, and we screwed it up with our thoughts of independence, humanity, fairness, justice?

    Yes, I'll think on that a while. I'll give it as much consideration as I would in thinking JW's might be right.

  • Pepper

    If they are right then we will all be bird food some day, and our kids will be bird food too and our friends will be bird food and the memory of us will be forgotten. All the while all the good Witness's will be running and playing in a field of clover and drinking wine and will be told where to build their house's by the GB. Oh goodie, then we can grow beards maybe if its OK with the then Taliban the GB of Jehovah's Witness's. They will tell just how much food to grow, and how many kids to give birth to and what food we can eat, and if we hhave made beer according to bible standards, and how much sex we can have and what kind. Oh and guess what we can build houses for the return of the living dead" oh what fun. And to top it off if our daughters get rapped by some turd taper of pervert we will still have to have two people who just happened to be watching at that moment as witness's to stone them. Rejoice for Gods tent is with men" Blah Blah Blah ......... Pepper

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