What If Jehovah's Witnesses Are Right?

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  • shamus
    If there is a God than these feeling of rightness, justice, love, morality that humans feel inside of them are against the very teachings of jehovah's witnesses.

    Just another reason, let alone with biblical proof that Jehovah's Witnesses are wrong. It goes against what we as human beings have in our very nature; to love our children forever. They tell us to disown them and never to talk to them again.... they twist what the scriptures say in some parts, then take only one part literally themselves. The ultimate hypocrites. What makes them worse is that they accuse EVERYBODY ELSE of doing it....

    Shame on them. Shame on me for only getting one side of the story and believing it.

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    What if they are right? II personally feel that if God is Love and all Forgiving, wouldn't we be forgiven already? It took me a long time to realize that there is a huge difference between what God's real intentions are and what men SAY God's intentions are.

    I personally cannot live my life worrying on whether I will survive armageddon, be taken up into the rapture (waiting for armageddon or waiting for the rapture....what's the difference) or whatever else a particular belief may be regarding the so called good and the so called sinners. These beliefs are made up by MEN. I just have to await on what happens to me either before or after I die. Then, hopefully, I'll be judged as to what's in my heart, not by what men say is in my heart.

  • Francois

    Not in any way to belittle you or your question good sir, but the chances of what you propose happening is so remote, I wouldn't waste my time even thinking about it further than writing this response.

    And I feel about it as you do - A thousand years with Jehovah's Witnesses? I'd rather be dead.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    And what if Jehovah's Witnesses Are Wrong?


    LOL @ Elsewhere!!! Yup!!!...you said it best!!!


  • Swan

    When I left I made my decision, I had a very slight doubt. I figured they were wrong, but if by some slim chance they were right, it would be better to leave and live my remaining time in freedom than to remain a JW and live forever in their paradise. To my way of thinking, living forever in JW paradise is the closest thing I can imagine to be a living hell.

    So I left and soon after leaving I found out that they were not right. I learned things very quickly that not only completely obliterated any lingering doubt, it convinced me that of all the religions of the world, I grew up in one of the most cruel and evil ones ever devised by men. So I really don't think about this question any more and it's been 9 going on 10 years since I left.


  • willyloman

    Saw an old, old sci fi movie on TV the other night. The invaders from outer space were from Mars. Sixty years ago or so, intelligent life on Mars was an idea you could sell to the masses. Today, thanks to advanced science, we know that's not possible and we don't bother fantasizing about it.

  • Nic

    I sometimes wonder this question. And I sometimes wonder if I could go back in it just to survive Armageddon/make my mum happy and get her off my back. Then I remember that I wouldn't survive anyway because God would know that I wasn't really in it. Then I think of all the wicked people that are witnesses who dare to come round and try and tell me I am wicked and they are all so righteous. One of them being the Ministerial Servant who was having an affair with my sister, denied it and got her disfellowshipped - yes he has the gall to knock on doors and tell everyone else that they are wicked! Damn cheek. I wouldn't want to live with them for a day let alone forever. Also I'd be without my hubby who is my bestest friend and my rock especially as far as all this is concerned. My mum always quotes that scripture "by their fruits you will know them" to prove that other religions are bad because of what their flock gets up to e.g. kiddy fiddling priests etc. I can't see how the dubs are any different.

  • Hamas

    What if my father was a King ?

    I would be a Prince.

  • Robdar

    what IF armageddon happened tomorrow and they were correct?

    Even if they are correct about Armageddon, they will still be surprised to find out that they are not "the chosen ones". Being at the KH is not going to save anybody.

    If Armageddon does happen, so what? If I get destroyed, I guess I had it coming. I know one thing, I am certainly not repentant for leaving the org.

    There is no point in going back to a KH if you don't believe it's da troof. Even if you do believe it's da troof, it's one thing, imo, to displease God. It's another to bald face lie to him/her/it/whatever by going back to the hall when you really don't want to be there.


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