What If Jehovah's Witnesses Are Right?

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  • tinkerbell82

    personally, i can't think of anything more hellish than spending an eternity as a model witness! if armageddon comes, i'll take my eternal sleep, thanks.

  • shamus
    If there is some utopian afterlife as defined by JW, I am unwilling to participate in the blind unreasonable behavior necessary to attain it.

    Another excellent comment, and one which I believe in with my whole heart. "Blind, unreasonable behavior".

  • AlanF

    If it turned out that JWs were right, I'd have a great many bones to pick with God. Like how he could stomach an organization that consistently told lies in his name. Like how an intelligent and reasonable person who hates lies could be expected to go along with such a mendacious group as the JWs.


  • JH

    If the JW's are right, that would make us true APOSTATES!

  • obiwan

    If the jw's are right, then we are all on the "highway to hell". On the way down we'll get to see all the dubs saying "nyah, nyah,nyah we told you so"...what a way to go.

  • City Fan
    City Fan

    If they are right then Armageddon will destroy ALL my friends and most of my family so I might as well die with them.

    Who wants to pick and carry bowls of fruit for an eternity anyway?

  • benext

    If they're right then I guess I would be part of that generation that failed to mend its ways.

    I'd finally get to take a nice long nap and wouldn't burn.

  • micheal

    If JW's are correct than that would go against everything that I feel inside of me. The feelings of rightness, justice, love, morality that humans feel inside of them are against the very teachings of jehovah's witnesses.

    If they are correct than I would exercise my right to have a trial in front of God pleading my case. I would rather die with integirity than compromise my beliefs of justice and love just so I could selfishly save my own soul.

  • Water

    If JW's are right then I feel sorry for them. I don't think they really understand what they are wishing for. But I've never wanted to be perfect, it sounds awful boring to me.


  • Elsewhere

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