Since Democrats Are All About the “Children” why does ABORTION Not Bother Them?

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  • recovering

    First off, I am not a Democrat and I think that The argument being made here is disingenuous. Who cares if democrats support pro-choice . The issue at hand is the human rights of children.

  • LV101

    Yes -- many have used abortion (early term) as their BC method. I've heard this from 2 educated young ladies -- or were very young at one time -- I couldn't believe and couple of high rated OB/GYN doctors openly discuss this socially and this was in the 80s - nothing new. Many young gals are against taking the pill because of weight gain, nausea, hormonal problems (unreal!) plus BC is not fail proof. Even tubal ligations are not fool proof. They get caught and that's why many want and appreciate Planned Parenthood.

  • Nevuela

    The abortion crowd never says they are "pro abortion" it is always "pro choice."

    And why doesn't the pro-life crowd ever refer to themselves as "anti-choice"? Because that's what they really are. I have never met a single one who gave a rat's rear end about babies once they are born. If they REALLY cared, they'd be donating to every children's fund possible and adopting unwanted children instead of creating new ones from scratch (because apparently it's SO much more important for YOU to have a kid who is biologically related to you than it is for a child with NO family whatsoever to be given a loving home).

    And yes, I am fully aware of how "expensive" adoption is, but there's a little thing called fostering. You actually get PAID to do it, and you get paid a LOT. I know this for a fact because I lived in a series of foster homes throughout my teen years, and every single foster parent of mine was living high off the hog. And no, they didn't have a second job. They were all stay-at-home foster parents, as is required by law. FYI, you can adopt one of your foster kids for practically free. One of my foster parents adopted two little boys, and all she had to pay was a small paperwork fee.

    If a person truly cares about children, they will prove it with their actions, not by how loudly they decry abortion.

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