Since Democrats Are All About the “Children” why does ABORTION Not Bother Them?

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  • FedUpJW

    A underdeveloped fetus, unborn, is not a child,

    So what is the expectant mother going to have? A child or a tomato?

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  • LV101

    Trump is feeding and providing decent living accommodations in a great way compared to Obama - get the facts! Even constructing new structures for them to stay in for their comfort. They shouldn't be here illegally in the first place much less taxpayers having to provide for them. They should wait on their own side of their country awaiting a hearing to be here at all - this is crazy and just a political horror story for sensationalism.

    Come here legally or change the laws! Trump didn't make the laws so blame your liberal judges - you know, the liberal justice system that is going to save the world for eons now! Can't even help their own country - they're clueless.

  • LV101

    Oops, sorry, MINIMUS, missed your question.

    I thought DEMS were concerned about population and thus push abortion or what a few younger ones have told me. I don't like the idea of abortion and understand many young gals use(d) it as birth control which is irresponsible -- Planned Parenthood made it quite convenient for them but I'm not against them having an option to a point. Seems there is no stopping point and that goes into the irresponsible mode as well. It's clearly not my first choice for females and is not a good alternative for BC. Especially when women end up in the delivery ward of hospital -- give birth and are out of there leaving a precious baby behind that goes to St. Jude or a child haven facility. I'm grateful they realize they can't care for the baby - believe me! Flip side -- it's a precious life and will be adopted to longing, loving, couple or individual, hopefully.

  • GermanXJW

    Since many emphasize that they do not support abortion as a means for family planning/birth control - is this realtity that woman choose between pill, condom, coils and other contraceptives and then say: "Well, I go for the abortion."?

    I assume it is rather a method in case of unplanned emergencies.

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    I think abortion is abhorrent. My opinion, which I would NEVER FORCE on another. My problem is when abortion is done when there is a good chance of the unborn to survive. To me, this borderlines on murder. Heck, in the state I live in (Pennsylvania) it is considered a homicide if you are the cause of a woman to miscarriage. Yet that same woman can have an abortion with no consequences.

    And just to add, I love when people will come after me saying, "well who is going to care for that child if she gives it up after birth? Are you?" The whole scenario drafted by "pro-choicers" is that it is her choice. HER CHOICE! Let me again state it, her choice. She HAS a responsibility. And so does he baby daddy, boy friend, husband, whatever you want to call him (well, unless she want to have an abortion and he doesn't.)

    Abortion is not birth control. It is birth termination. Birth control would be using the proper pills, prophylactics, not get pregnant. (And yes I know, everyone fucken knows they are only 99% effective. So don't blow a smoke screen to fog the issue.)

    I personally wish all the money used on abortion clinics and it's industry could be used on those children that need it.

  • LV101

    Gawd - I was on the right track but derailed re/Min's question. Why aren't DEMs pushing their population explosion concerns on 3rd world countries! It is hypocritical and I was pondering the same thing last week! Mormans and Catholics have no problem pushing their agenda to be prolific - why not push BC education and responsibility to illegals in their own country. Once they're in the US they catch on so it should be taken abroad -- they obviously get it! Easier, more cozy and let taxpayers pay -- let everyone come here and learn. It's one expensive learning program.

  • Vidiot

    This debate will never be settled.

    As long as there has been human pregnancy, there have been and always will be ways to end said pregnancy.

  • Ex-JWs Brazil
    Ex-JWs Brazil

    Abortion is wrong according to the precautionary principle.

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