Samurai sword-wielding man terrorizes church full of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • jgnat

    This is a local news item. I doubt the link will last more than a day. It appears the man had no connection to the JW's previously, he just considered them an "easy mark". I can well imagine congregation members are experiencing vivid nightmares, now.

  • searchfothetruth

    He actually went to a kingdom hall to rob them.....

    obviously didn't do his homework!

    All the cash collected from the brothers wouldn't have been enough to get a big-mac on the way home....

  • jgnat

    The fella obviously failed Criminal School. His first attempt was a Pawn Shop, he failed miserably.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Wow... I wonder how many dubbies pooped their pants.... interesting that a courageous woman saved the day rather than one of the Sarim (Isa. 32:1)!

  • Gopher
    Burton returns to court Oct. 2 at which time Scully will set a date for sentencing.

    JWD posters like Scully are everywhere!

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    It's Persecution!!! We should expect incidents of this type to increase, since we are living so close to the time of the end!!!

  • cat1759

    Goes to show there is no protection from God anywhere. Nothing is sacred!

    Thanks for the article. Laughed hysterically and I actually felt bad for the robber.


  • wednesday

    I too felt pity for the criminal, he is too inept to rob a KH.Surely he must realize lots of people cary cell phones. this should go in the stupid criminal tricks award column.


  • Ravyn

    does it sound like someone who studied before and became disgruntled to you? LOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I can't breathe I am laughing so hard!

    that is the most pathetically funny thing I have ever read. He can't make it on $15 an hour? Hey bud--try doing it on $10. And he thought the JWs had money to steal? Sounds like he needs to hear about the paradise earth.....

    the costume sounds awesome. Wish I had the nerve to walk into a KH with a 60 inch sword. Hey now there's the idea for the next Memorial....


    oh PS--as far as the trauma and the complaint or whatever the wife filed---that is just a ploy to get some kind of government victims fund money--I guarantee it. So she can pioneer and quit cleaning other people's toilets for $7 an hour.

  • Yerusalyim
    Some of those 65 people still suffer the after-effects of that terror

    Can you imagine the effects had he come dressed as a smurf?

    The wife of one of those men filed a victim impact statement which describes how she still feels the stress of that night -- particularly when she goes to church.

    Now there's a GREAT excuse to get out of meetings...why didn't any of you think of that one?

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