Samurai sword-wielding man terrorizes church full of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • In_between_days
    There's also alot of people on this board that have suffered at the hands of jw's. Alot of cruel things done to people on this board by jw's

    Thats a pretty immature mindset. So these particular JW's including their children have personally hurt people on this board? So because "JW'S" are an overall crappy and dangerous cult, we should laugh and mock when their members and their children are terrorised, because they deserve it. Great attitude.

  • Prisca

    I'm surprised at the lack of compassion towards these individuals that were in the KH attack. Just because they are JWs doesn't justify the attack. There were children involved in this attack - they have no choice to be JWs, and they would have been even more traumatised than the adults IMO.

    If you are going to accuse the JWs of loving only their own, and not caring about the slaughter of non-JWs at Armageddon, then don't be displaying the same kind of inhuman attitudes yourself.

  • sf

    Yes, the poor children. What WILL become of them?

    Whether it be a man with a sword, a child molesting jw they have no idea they are sitting next to at meetings and going to the same get-togethers, the Paradise Lost and/ or the new youth book, spiritual rape, or the THREAT OF DEATH @ARMAGEDDON....

    Anyway you look at it people, these kids are consistently being terrorized! Daily!

    I am not responsible for this being in their lives!!! But goddamn it, I will do what it takes to stop THE THREATS and TERRORISM(s)!!!

    Now tell me, what are YOU going to 'DO' to STOP THE INSANITY?

    Post your regards?? LOLOLOLOLOL

    sKally, hello Jehovah'sWitnesses, may I help you? Oh, I surely hope not!!! klass

  • wednesday

    Everyone step away form the computer, and go take a valium or i will be forced to spray lithium all over this board!

    Of course it was scary, but honesty all u are so uptight u can't see a little humor in a mummy with a sword making a pathetic robbery attempt at a KH?

    u know what they say if u cn't take a joke.

  • Prisca
    Anyway you look at it people, these kids are consistently being terrorized! Daily!

    Get a grip Skally. Not every JW child gets molested, so save your dramatics for another day.

    Wednesday, I probably have one of the best senses of humour (you need one to survive this DB) but I am saddened by the lack of compassion for those that went through this attempted robbery.

  • micheal

    The witnesses don't seem to be bothered that billions will be terrorized at armageddon. I don't care what any of you say, since nobody got hurt - THIS IS A VERY FUNNY STORY. ( Except for the victim I mean criminal)

  • Ravyn

    forgot it was in Canada--of course 60cm is not 60 inches. and as for the children...oh give me a break! They probably thought it was another Service Meeting part...these are people who are afraid of blue plush stuffed toys for goodness sake! Pathetic, yes, I do feel sorry for the robber, he seems to have a lousy life. Now last but not least---I would STILL think it was funny if it happened to catholics or baptists or mormons--- a pink mummy with a samurai sword! (and no where did it say the sword was sharp---if it was like the cheapo flea market mock ups we have in the US they are not sharp, if it was a real Samurai sword--geez! he could have sold the damn thing! ) The funny part about it being JWs is that they have no money to steal! I was not laughing at it because of any vendetta---it was just funny!


  • gumby

    Some here seem to be forgetting that the dubs are the poor sick ones and we have been freed. Why wish something like this on people who are just like WE were?

    I'll bet the new lurkers are really excited at being here with so many they see clapping for such an event..........brilliant people......real brilliant!


  • micheal

    Hey Gumby I already had my fair share of guilt for 20 years, I don't need anymore.


  • sf

    Prisca, I don't NEED your dramatics either.

    Re read my post, smartass!

    Terror in all ways, NOT JUST MOLESTATION.


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