Samurai sword-wielding man terrorizes church full of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • In_between_days
    And I am sure I express the sentiments of many people on the board when I make the occasional outrageous statement.

    Like the above statement about the anthrax? I wouldnt count on it. Other posters may correct me if im wrong, but I think you are a minority.

  • Abaddon

    This reminds me of when the Stone Roses played a gig at my University.

    I was in the toilets - they were very crowded, it was a little before the band came on.

    All of a sudden this skinhead bursts in the room and yells with much volume and aggression, "Right, which one of you wankers is a student". Despite claims in the press that standards at University are falling, and the fact that the room was packed with students, nobody said a word.

    The gentlemen with the nasty haircut was a little non-plussed at this, paused, shouted "Well, you're all wankers anyway!", and left as he had come.

    The breath everyone had been holding was let out, communally, and micturation continued forthwith.

  • Ravyn

    oh really? let's take it to the board shall we?


  • logansrun

    Hey, Ravyn's cool. I like her. Rough around the edges sometimes, but I like her.


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