Maybe I'm Just Ignorant About the New "Anti-Gay" Video

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  • OnTheWayOut

    Virtually all religions indoctrinate their children with such techniques, but they rarely put it in cartoon form.
    This is a conservative Christian religion that teaches hating those that live very contrary to their rules. Nothing new.

    I hate the video, it may be viewed as hate, maybe even by nations or courts. But it's just a cartoon of what most of these groups do with the kids to combat the enlightened attitude that is gaining momentum in the world.

  • Lieu

    Yeah, Russell was a bit Eurocentric and lacked quite heavily on Biblical knowledge.

    Everyone knows the land of Canaan was in the Middle East, not Africa. Is Israel in Africa? No. And 2 of Israelite tribes were part Egyptian (Africans); the 2 sons of Joseph. [No Arabs in Africa back then]

    Whenever Israelites including Abraham, Mary & Joseph, et al needed to hide from crazies, they always fled to Africa. That's pretty much where the always went.

    But Russell was a man of his times and held beliefs consistent with his baptist/protestat past and general US American rascist thought. Not to mention it was an erroneous teaching of the RCC for centuries.

    I chalk that up to RCC envy. No one saught refuge in Europe, not ever. Under persecution, Christians saught refuge in Egypt and Turkey.

  • freemindfade

    The video teaches discrimination.

    If mom and dad owned a business and expressed openly the belief that someone couldn't get into the company based on their sexual orientation it would be sex based discrimination and considered harassment

    No this scenario is not exactly the same, its a religion, and they are saying its the big J who discriminates and will effectively kill the same sex couple at Armageddon. It promotes to children the idea that homosexuality is deviant choice made by someone who will be killed by god. The reasoning is very clear.

    Same sex couple will not make it to the panda petting zoo, what is Sophia doing to do? Tell their child about the panda petting zoo. She is not going to bring it up in order to mind her own business and live and let live.

    This subject presented in a work environment from a HR perspective would be pretty clearly discrimination.

    yes the bible is homophobic, that's not new, but this video is interesting because it has made very public Watchtower's (practically a political) stance on same sex marriage. In the past yes they may condemn homosexuality, but at a time when same sex unions are center stage of politics and media they have taken a side addressing not homosexuality, but the union. I don't think its too much to be impressed that people like George Tekai are talking about it, and I don't think its too much to think that its portrayal of childhood indoctrination to discriminate is disgusting. But too each their own.

  • Simon

    Can you tell us what discrimination is being taught? Like an actual "don't serve them pizza or sell them a cake" kind of real thing, not "I'm not going to send happy thoughts your way" mumbo jumbo.

    Also, when the bible says "the meek will inherit the earth" does that mean that any non-meek people are also being discriminated against? Should we start a petition or a march or something?

    Also, I'm not one of the 12 tribes of Israel so think I missed out on some promises. Who should I contact to complain?

  • freemindfade
    Can you tell us what discrimination is being taught

    I think the airport illustration pretty much hammered that one home for most people. Homosexuality is pin pointed and the value of the lives of a homosexual are portrayed as less (that is unless they leave their bags behind).

    If this were the time of racial segregation in america, I would rather be accused of being "overly outraged" by anything promoting racial discrimination then later being accused of defending any vestige of it as "not that bad" regardless of the forum, the reason, or the prevalence.

    Bible condones slavery too, probably more than it condemns homosexuality. If Watchtower makes a cartoon about slavery should we not be "over outraged" because everyone knows that's in the bible?

  • Simon

    You don't seem to understand what discrimination actually is. I'm talking about something real, not what analogy they used to explain their bible belief. You know they are not really talking about preventing gay people getting on planes ... right?

    For example, someone can believe that Asian people tend to drive slow but that is not discriminating against them. If they refused to give any Asians work in their taxi company just on the basis of being Asian then they would be discriminating. Can you see how it works?

    You like using "If" but that is simply trying to switch things to something that can be argued.

    I'm asking you to explain what discriminatory action they are promoting. How is Sophie going to discriminate against someone? What is she taught that she has to do or not do based on her friends parents sexuality?

    It should be very easy, given how blatantly homophobic and promoting of discrimination you think it is.

  • Lieu

    As a retired LEO Commander, the video passes the test for discrimination. A title 6/7 fed case. That's the only and last time I'm going to say it.

    Believe what you want.

    Freedom of religion means you don't get to impose yours on other people. Period.

  • freemindfade

    dis·crim·i·na·tiondəˌskriməˈnāSH(ə)n/noun1.the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.

    When the cartoon begins Sophia puts out what her teacher has explained to her about the same sex couple (not discrimination) upon hearing this Mom makes the case to change that perception.

    “Carrie drew two mommies,” “She told me they’re married to each other. My teacher says that all that matters is that people love each other and that they’re happy"

    “Hmm. Well, people have their own ideas about what is right and wrong,”. “But what matters is how Jehovah feels. (Your teacher is wrong).

    Then comparing gay people to contraband luggage is pretty low. If you don't think that's too much, that's fine Simon, you are free to feel that way. Yes the video uses metaphors over overt language but the message is clear. metaphor or not.

  • Simon
    Freedom of religion means you don't get to impose yours on other people. Period.

    I agree, but again, where has this happened? Where have they imposed their religious will on someone else? That would definitely be discrimination, did I miss the part of the video instructing them to do this?

    Yes the video uses metaphors over overt language but the message is clear. metaphor or not.

    But you said it was clearly teaching discrimination - can't you explain what form of discrimination it's teaching?

    You posted the definition:

    the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people

    What treatment, in the video, did they promote?

  • freemindfade
    1. Jehovah set the rules and not he doesn't like homos
    2. That's why we preach our message because people can change
    3. What's Sophia gonna do, preach the message, oh hallelujah!!

    Not that complicated, its is after all a cartoon...

    She is going back to what I assume is a public school, a place i would like to be a "religious agenda free zone". ..

    Not for JWS though. 

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