The Scientific Method

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  • captaingrl

    the notion colleges are not insanely left-wing is itself insane.

  • DJS

    Hey fummdukk,

    I'm the one who told you colleges were more liberal. Why you add the term 'insanely' liberal shows you are unhinged. You know NO college profs, you have never attended college, and you can't go on any of the college campuses in your tri-state area because of the restraining orders the coeds took out against you.

    But it's always nice to get validation that I have gotten under the skin of people like you and that I can control your emotions and reactions.

    Good puppy. Goooooooood puppy.

    Happy New Year Captaingrl.

  • captaingrl
  • DJS

    Hey CG,

    I believe Cofty meant this for you. Since it's the holiday season and I'm trying to be generous, I didn't want you to miss it. I'm just that kinda guy. (nice to know I'm your viagra - have I kept you 'up' all night, sweetie?). Flattered I am.

    "Somebody who asserts things about reality but who has never bothered to acquaint themself with the relevant evidence - and who refuses to do so - is lazy and arrogant. That isn't an insult it's just a fact."

    Happy New Year, ya adorable little CT.

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