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    Furthermore, colleges and universities ARE full of marxist ideology. here is an ACTUAL college professor speaking about it:

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    “Now everyone is calling me an idiot.”

    That’s not true. There are still several billion people that have not yet commented on your intelligence.

  • DJS


    Part I

    It shouldn't surprise me that you continue coming back with confirmationally biased bullshit. It is clear that you aren't interested in learning anything, only confirming your biases and trying to spread them for your own selfish, narcissistic, egocentric reasons. Hysterical rants and testimonials are always some of the least accurate pieces of evidence, but they work best on the uninformed and the feeler/perceivers who are led by their biases, fears, hysterias and feelings. You, in other words.

    As I have stated, I attended classes and/or taught at 3 colleges and 2 universities over a decade. I was very careful to avoid imposing my social or political views when I taught, as are most professors. I recall 2 instances where the political/social views of the profs were objectionable, and both of them were Far Right profs. They felt compelled to impose their views on the class and likely the admin. Neither fared well. Having said that, my experience is relevant to a small degree. The real data is what I posted to you yesterday, but it wasn't what you wanted to hear. Now, from reputable, empirical sources:

    This chart shows what I mentioned yesterday. The overall % of Marxists in academia is ridiculously low (3%) but it is highest in the social sciences. If I'm taking a project management course at the Master's level or an Finance class at the Doctorate level social views rarely if ever need to be discussed. That is the situation with the vast majority of classes. Social sciences are different in that social and political views are the topic, but they are a minority of classes. The issue as I stated is a ruse and a ploy by the Far Right because the majority of professors in all disciplines are liberal, and that is what rankles them.

  • DJS

    Part II

    M and CaptainGurl,

    The Washington Post, which is definitely NOT a conservative right wing media, developed this story recently noting the liberal nature of today's college profs and suggesting that it could potentially impact the quality of education. Note "potentially'.

    The Post's empirical source states that "the numbers suggest that professors' liberal tilt does have some impact on their students' ideology, but not much." They've started surveying graduating college seniors in recent years. While they don't have many years of data available yet, in 2009 they found that "the proportion of students who characterized their political views as liberal or far left increased 9.2 percentage points from freshman to senior year."

    Three percent of professors being Marxist DOES NOT equate to colleges being full of them, but it does equate to YOU being full of IT. The Right Wing HATES that academia is overwhelmingly liberal, and like they do with every topic they hate, they lie, misrepresent and appeal to the fears and hysterias of the uninformed to try to obtain change or at least discredit the people they hate. You are the primary audience and they play you like the fools you are because they are telling you what you want to hear.

  • captaingrl

    the guy in the video is a psychology professor and he has way more experience and credentials than you, even assuming you are speaking the truth.

    he even has videos where he encounters SJWs on a campus. That's called data.

    Please go to page one of this thread to see what you should do with data!

  • captaingrl

    BTW the problem today is that what SJWs define as "centrist" is in reality far left.

    So when you provide stats compiled according to skewed definitions that should not mean much to a thinking person...

  • cofty

    I posted this under Jokes & Humour.

    It turned out to be fucking hilarious!

  • captaingrl

    Unless you have been living under a rock you will know college campuses are being taken over by far-left activists and filled with safe spaces and other anti-free speech laws. It may not be the case in a few smaller colleges (BTW, if you are teaching without a degree, I am guessing you aren't teaching at Harvard!), but it is happening at top universities like Yale and Berkley.

    Obviously, you won't learn this stuff if you stick with Huffington post or CNN... or you are so far to the left yourself you don't recognize the problem when you see it.

  • DJS

    Captain Gurl,

    As expected, I post empirical data from reputable sources that was obtained from dozens/hundreds of colleges and universities and you post a viral rant from a R wing nut job. Like all R Wing CT NutQuackeries your kryptonite is evidence of the empirical variety. As for bona fides, as I've stated many times on this site: if Simon wants to serve as the validator, I will be happy to email to his private email account any documentation you and he requires, including diplomas, names and contact information for the various colleges and universities where I attended or taught to verify. Education is the easiest thing to validate, but you wouldn't know that since you've never been on a college campus other than to harass the coeds.

    OTOH, all you have to do to validate that you are a barely educated, dim-witted drone for the Far Right CT NutJob Climate Change Denying Media you adore……. is to keep posting.

    Good puppy.

  • captaingrl

    DJS, why don't you ask cofty about his education if it is so important to you?

    perhaps you two can discuss it in PMs and leave the real discussion to the adults?

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