The Scientific Method

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  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    "tell me about the theory that has been discovered most recently?" - captaingrl

    Can you tell us how a theory is discovered?

    Sometimes 1 sentence can explain a lot about someone's background in education...

  • captaingrl

    someone comes up with a new scientific idea and it is validated by the scientific method (see the first page).

    That wasn't so hard now was it, honey?

    So what theory has been discovered in the past 50 years comparable to Quantum Mechanics or Einsteins theory?

  • MrRoboto

    Here's a new-ish theory, probably only around since the 90s:

    The shear number of Arrogant Anal Discharge Orifices (AADOs) on the internet are drastically increasing every day.

    Cheers to those AADOs who made it their mission to post on this forum! /s

  • cofty

    captaingirl - The progress in medical genetics in recent decades is astonishing.

    If you can't think of many more advances in human knowledge you are just not paying attention.

  • captaingrl

    so which new theories have science come up within the past decades?

    DNA is like 70 years ago... evolution 150... just seems to me that there are few new theories these days and more shiny tech... not really new ideas.

    but perhaps you can illuminate me?

  • jp1692
    So which new theories have science come up within the past decades?


    Google it.

    Then google “latest scientific discoveries” and prepare to have more then you’ll ever be able to read.

    Seriously. What’s with the anti-science bias?

    You might as well get out a horoscope, Ouija board, crystal ball and a lucky rabbit’s foot and consult them with your questions.

  • slimboyfat

    I think the point is that most of science is about testing ideas and ruling things out. Like in medicine, "I wonder if this treatment will cure something". 99 times out of a hundred, or more, the answer is no. Boring, but reliable and sipcientific. I think that's the idea.

    I also think the point of the cartoon is that, when properly applied, in the scientific process the data speaks for itself and gives a clear answer.

    I think this is a simplistic view, because data cannot speak for itself. All data is selected by humans and given context and meaning by humans. In other words data are part of the social construction of knowledge that cannot be reduced to pure "facts", whatever we imagine such might be.

  • cofty
    perhaps you can illuminate me?

    Perhaps you can do your own research.

    All scientific advances are going to be incremental. The huge leaps forward are less and less likely with the passing of time. Obviously!

  • cofty

    And more postmodern bullshit from SBF. So fucking boring.

  • TD

    LOL - Two thumbs up for the OP.

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