The Scientific Method

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  • Ruby456

    Dora's amir has good and important research to her name that is relevant to us. But I,m not sure exactly what she means in the cartoon cofty

  • captaingrl

    Quite frankly, I think a good case can be made that science has stagnated in the past decades. All the stuff that is real science (Einsteins theory or Quantum Mechanics) is more than 50 years old and today most innovation is hyped technology like Tesla and Google which are just putting things together in a new way that make ppl go "wow". even the internet did not involve any new science..

    perhaps this explains why the standard of living has stagnated? we are all just trapped in a zero sum game...

  • DJS

    So much BS, so little time. I guess you are also raging against those on your lawn. The best science in the world can't address the political system that enables the rich to get richer and the poor, poorer, nor can it protect humans from themselves. The biggest problems today are people practicing poor lifestyle choices, resulting in shortened life spans, increases in obesity, drug dependencies, diabetes, disabilities, and a host of cancers and other maladies associated with poor choices.

    Your arrogance is exceeded only by your laziness in not knowing WTF you are talking about, which is exceed only by your lack of self control in spreading your infection on this site and hence the www.

    Just a few recent discoveries:

    Reversing aging, A tool to repair DNA in the womb, Artificial wombs to increase the survival of preemies, Cybernetic implants enabling people to use dead or missing limbs, Stem cell research reversing the effects of strokes, (Nearly) Eternal data storage method on the size of a quarter and yet holding 360 T of data up to 1000 degrees C, Bionic lens, A potential 'vaccine' for AIDS and other viruses. Nanomachine medicine that delivers treatment to the affected site and doesn't impact other tissues nor requires invasive techniques, Mapping the human epi-genome, Finding new planets, including some that may be habitable, Manmade leaves that create 02, making long space flights more possible in the future,

  • snare&racket

    Lol 🤣

  • captaingrl

    DJS: Thanks for the arrogance (NOT).

    Life expectancy has stagnated after improving greatly in the first half of the 20th century. Sorry seems like you need to look at the cartoon that was posted on page one: data wins.

    not saying tech (DNA editing) hasn't improved, but DNA (science) was discovered like 50 years ago...

  • DJS

    Life expectancy is going backward due to individual lifestyle choices and nothing else. Life expectancy improved the first part of the 20th Century due to technological improvements.

    You are the only one showing arrogance; I'm just pointing it out in my usual manner. Everything I said to you is 100% accurate; you won't find a flaw in it. You can thrash around and continue to whine, but it will only make you look more stupid. As if.

    I don't give a fukk about your opinions, thoughts or feelings. What makes me formidable is that I care even less about my own. You made a broad brushed definitive statement absolutely devoid of evidence. The facts show you are not just merely wrong; you're really and sincerely wrong.

  • captaingrl

    "what makes me formidable". lol.

    google the Dunning-Kruger effect.

    fact: greatest scientific discovery of last year was gravitational waves. they have been known for 100 years.

    science is not progressing like it used to. tell me what the latest theory was that is actually true?

    PS: String theory is so far unproven speculations.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    Aeroplanes were invented over 100 years ago.

    Jet technology was discovered over 80 years ago.

    There have been no advances in aeronautics in over 50 years.

    It's stagnating I tell you!

    As an aside, there is a reason for a stagnation of life expectancy. The longer we live, the more likely it is we get an incurable disease and die from that instead (lifestyle changes are also to blame of course). You sort one thing out and we find another thing waiting in the wings to kick us in the teeth. However, slowly but surely we are living longer and that is down to medicinal breakthroughs which is, of course, down to science...

    Also, it is rare that a never seen before event happens in science nowadays. What is common however are the small incremental additions to our knowledge that never see the light of day (as far as the layman is concerned) as it only affects those directly involved in researching various things out there in the unforgiving, thankless, real world of researchers.

  • OrphanCrow

    captaingrl - joined one day ago

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    and makes this statement:

    "science is not progressing like it used to"

    Shaking my head, trying to come up with a response to that...nope, can't do it. It is too stupid. Can't deal with stupid this early in the day

  • captaingrl

    great example! planes look pretty much the same today as they did 50 years ago, only you have no room.

    or take space X. people are flipping out because someone built a rocket which is crappier than the Appollo rocket which is 50 years old.

    Or someone else found a way to put a bunch of laptop batteries in a normal car. quick! give him 100M of taxpayer money!

    Those who disagree, tell me about the theory that has been discovered most recently?

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