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  • Vidqun
    Eden, this place is like Hotel California, you can check out but you can never leave. Ask Slimboyfat. Nevertheless, I wish you and your wife everything of the best.
  • cantleave

    Farewell, it has been a interesting ride for you here and personally I found your journey fascinating. Good luck with the rest of your life - make the most of it, it is the only one that can be guaranteed 😁

  • sparrowdown

    Will miss reading your thoughts, I wish you would reconsider.

  • Viviane
    Viviane is an ass that has no basis for any arguments.
    Viv is a bit of a bully
    Viviane is inflexible
    Life is better if you are willing to tolerate the likes of Viviane, no matter what insults they hurl against you
    Don't let bullies do you in now
    the pathological naysayer won
    An insecure bully

    Apparently Viv killed Laura Palmer.

  • cognac

    This is f*cking god damn bs. Really? Do you really think Simon has nothing to do but be on this 24/7? Don't stress him out and put this sort of stress on him when this is something he's doing for US in what spare time he has. He deserves to relax, go on a vacation, do his day job...

    Cripes almighty, give the guy a damn break. What if he were to say, "you know what? I'm doing this is my spare time, with no financial gain, to help people. If this is how they show their appreciation, screw it."

    God, is this unappreciative...

    I'm really getting sick of this harping on Simon thing. Show some appreciation...

  • smiddy

    I can never understand why some posters get in discussions/arguments with another poster and it goes back & forth , back & forth page after page.

    If you don`t like a response to your post , or if they offend you , answer it once or maybe twice at the most and then ignore it / them . Problem solved .

    It takes all kinds of people to make this world , ass-holes , bung-holes , black-holes ,and saints.

    I don`t like to see anybody leave , we all have a contribution to make , and Simon & Co. have made it possible with this forum .


  • LV101
    That's a scary thought, cognac -- let's hope not! Simon is above all our drama (he'd have to be) but it's an amazing site and always a good reminder for us to appreciate what he's provided for all.
  • Lieu

    I think you should stay. Remember being a JW meant you were never allowed to disagree. In fact, there was an intense fear of disagreement. It's a dysfunctional way of life, not to leave out the serious lack of social skills possessed.

    Some do not know how to disagree. They do not know how to functionally argue a point. Their lack of common skills lends to them becoming hostile, bullish, and just plain mean.

    It's the JW way to either be right or become angry at disagreement. It's a bad habit some have yet to kick.

    You have already awoken to that behavior ... and no, neither you nor I have to put up with shit anymore. Skip the replies that have no value other than to inflame. Remain a member but take a break from the forum.

    If the GB wasn't able to suck the humanity out of you and kill your spirit ....

  • Listener

    Sorry to see it come to this EdenOne. I have enjoyed your posts and hope to hear from you again in the future, even if it's not on this forum.

  • cofty
    Getting upset because someone was rude is understandable, but demanding apologies and insisting that others be banned for them is just setting yourself up for disappointment.

    ^^^ This ^^^

    I have lost count how many times I have been insulted on this forum. Ignore it and stick to the point. Stop allowing yourself to get dragged into endless debates over trivia.

    Sometimes people make false accusations. All you can do is state your case and let others think what they want.

    I hope you stay.

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