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  • millie210
    I wonder if Simon and Vivianne are one and the same person?

    There is a greater chance that the JWs have the truth - or that it is going to rain hundred dollar bills,

    Honestly, cant you see the intellect behind Simons posts even when you dont agree with him? Its easy to see.

    I know you are very with it also One Finger Salute from the comments you levy at the Watchtower studies. Maybe you are kidding around? If so, I apologize for being dense. Im not in the social loop much.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    Correction: didn't do what you wanted which you were unclear about and didn't give me time. The world doesn't revolve around you the instant you snap your fingers. Sometimes I have other things to deal with than your issues but you couldn't be patient.

    That's well said, and understandable. For whatever it's worth, there are instances known to my when Simon and/or wife have acted very promptly to tidy up matters when there were immediate and very real threats posed here to members. When this is possible their reactions show they are concerned for everyone's well being. But, as Simon says, some things take some time and members here have to understand that. We must also understand that how we see things may not be how others see the same things.

  • kairos
    I hope you reconsider.
  • Splash

    I'm sorry to see you go but I understand why. I doubt you'll be the last. Personally I just skip threads where Viviane pours her toxic, hateful lies all over people, it only ever serves to derail the threads and upset people. I have no such need to engage with vicious and hostile posters either.

    Yours were posts I always read, you are always interesting and moderate.

    I hope you find a better tomorrow EdenOne.

    Take care buddy.

  • truthseeker100
    I had a friend who took a revolver and blew his brains out! One of the most grizzly things I have witnessed!! You're better than that!!!!!
  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Have a great life Eden. You and your wife are a great couple. It just surprises me that Viviane can have any influence in your life. I don't know the details of your exchanges but I know you and Viviane from your posts. Of the two of you, I see a greater problem in you for allowing to be annoyed by Viviane. Viviane is inflexible; I didn't think you were.

    Life is better if you are willing to tolerate the likes of Viviane, no matter what insults they hurl against you. It's just an internet blog where our anonymity gives us license to show our true personalities. We shouldn't take anonymous insults too seriously.

  • cappytan

    EdenOne: sorry to see you go.

    Some of your posts were part of the many other posts that inspired me to finally join the forum.

    I wish there was a block function on this forum. I personally wouldn't block Viviane as I have no beef with her, but I can see it being a useful function for situations like yours.

    Namaste, EdenOne.

  • FayeDunaway

    I usually avoid Viviane's posts as well. I used to get hot and bothered but ignoring them keeps the negativity out of my day. If I see her picture more than once in a post I avoid the thread because I know what it's going to be like. On the other hand, sometimes I've 'liked' her posts, she's quite fun when she's not being petty or mean. But because I avoid the argumentative posts, I have no idea which thread you are talking about, Eden. I'm really sorry you were that badly hurt and that you felt enough people didn't care.

    I would reconsider if I were you, though. We need to support eachother. We've been stifled our whole lives, not being able to speak our minds freely. Don't let bullies do you in now. Also, I don't think you gave Simon enough time to respond to your request. Sleep on it.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Gosh...............hate to see you go away mad. Or even just go away.

    As you said, this is a great place for healing.

    I think most JWs are immature or stunted socially. I think we were all "protected" by the false conditional friendships that we failed to become accustomed to the "harsh real world" out there. I think you got your feelings hurt. So what. Big deal. But as a JW, we all thought the Big J was gonna make it all "OK". Then when we left, we thought everybody else was gonna be "fair" all the time? WTF?

    I've been abused a couple times on here. Probably deserved it.

    I've said some things that I should have "edited" but couldn't because I waited too long.

    Shit happens.

    Eden, you seem like a young guy (?). (Gin blurs the recollection.)

    Just get over it. If no one is bleeding, just get over it.

    I didn't read the offensive post and I don't think I will. Just would rather see you take "the high road" and don't let assholes determine what YOU are going to do here (or elsewhere in life). If you get mad and "take your ball & jacks and go home" every time someone hurts your feelings, you're in for a miserable life.

    Good luck. Hope you decide to hang around. The rest of us aren't all assholes. (Well, OK. I probably am, but most people here don't seem to be.)


  • _Morpheus

    relax. Its the internet. Its full of people we dont like and people who wont agree with us... Just like the world in general.

    Take a break and come back later. The site isnt going anywhere. Leaving dosent have to be forever

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