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by Colinconfused 61 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • cobweb

    Got to echo the wow factor. Just checked Doubtfully Yours post history. Fourteen years here, and now this your last post. I guess noone can say you haven't thought about this. You have your reasons. I wish you the best in your journey.

  • tiki

    Methinks the dude has some mental issues.....a little chat with the shrink might not be a bad idea.....

  • wannaexit

    I think you are still confused!!!

  • cobweb

    As for the OP, what you said reminded me of the Catholic confirmation ritual where they say "I renounce Satan and all his work and ways". I am sure that the act of making such a public renunciation has a psychological palliative effect on you and makes you feel better. I hope you can appreciate that we do not view ourselves as having made a mistake in leaving - quite the reverse, so your post will rankle, but on a human level I get why you felt the need to say it.

    I hope nobody else will be joining you in announcing a return the org in this thread.

  • Phoebe

    Wow, two going back! But if they are happy in what they wish to do and it gives them peace of mind, then be happy for them - I guess. Maybe they are fortunate enough to have nice JW friends/family and a warm and loving congregation to cosset them.

    To me the very thought of going back to a cold congregation full of cliques and an over-bearing, pedantic COBE and his yes men, is the last place I'd want to return to.

    I honestly don't see how you can 'unring the bell' once you know what this organization is really all about. I really don't. You have to be honest with yourself.

    Just the handling of child abuse alone should make someone realise God isn't behind this organization.

  • cobweb


    This is my fear with relatives I have that have left recently who are close to retirement age. It has been nice to rekindle my relationship but there is always a nagging worry that whatever reasons they have now for leaving, the strength of their indoctrination will at some point pull them back in. One needs to research properly to dispel all of that indoctrination.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Not only is your colon confused, so is your mind!

    just saying!

  • jayjay78

    follow your path - fxxx the haters.

  • deegee

    There, there Colinconfused we understand. Cognitive dissonance is too much for some people to handle.

    I ended up in the JW religion because of a JW's cognitive dissonance.

    In hindsight I realized that she couldn't deal with the failed 1975 end of the world prediction or the fact that JWs destroy families, among other things, so she doubled down which resulted in my becoming a victim of childhood indoctrination.

  • deegee

    People have been taught for so long that God wrote the Bible and that he communicates with persons that to believe otherwise frightens them.

    It frightens people to acknowledge that God did not write the Bible.

    It frightens people to acknowledge that God does not speak to anyone.

    It frightens people to acknowledge that death is the end of them. Belief helps people feel good about their mortality.

    Some people just can't wrap their heads around these things.

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