Elder's letter requesting details of solicitors, barristers and accountants

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  • Diogenesister
    Looks like they are interviewing to replace Vincent Toole.
    Splash Thats bang on the money and my thoughts exactly. Am currently doing my LLB (American JD)& I thought the Watchtower crowd where a shower.
  • Dunedain
    I hope someone sends this letter to the "higher ups" at the Australian royal commision. Especially, if this is a tactic of the WTS to try and do some "shady" things in response to the recent "findings" from the commision. Like if they are going to "use" these "company" men to help them hide funds, or "navigate" whats coming.
  • umbertoecho

    I saw something similar last year. It was a call to all those with legal experience to come forward. I was nothing like this sort of letter, which is an odd sort of method of recruitment in my opinion. I would be majorly pissed off, if someone took it upon themselves to divulge my work, education or what ever....without my prior consent.

    This is beyond the pale. Ummm..

  • umbertoecho
    I think they are definitely getting money out as fast as they can. Hence the cut backs, the merging halls, the missionary work being phased out, the magazines being 1 Awake every two months and 1 Watchtower every two months. My old sister's son is an elder, and there is this huge gossip line in WT land. Nothing stays secret for long..........except for the really seriously bad stuff.
  • Vidiot
    The way I see it, corporations don't frantically scrounge together all the legal help they can find for no reason.
  • steve2

    Posters seem to miss two points that seem unique to the Australian branch office letter and are not found in the earlier ones from the US and UK branch offices:

    In the Australian letter:

    1) There is explicit provision to include gender (hence, they appear open to utilizing sisters)

    2) The information gathering is to be done in secret by the bodies of elders without the relevant qualified people even knowing about it.

    Unless I am mistaken, these two features were not in the earlier letters

  • GrreatTeacher

    Maybe they need CPAs to do some creative accounting to hide profits and assets on hand and need attorneys to shuffle the money to offshore tax havens because they anticipate having to pay abuse victims.

    It sounds like they're running scared after the RC which hinted at creating a fund for remunerating abuse victims.

  • Vidiot

    I've said this before, but if push came to shove, the WTS - with it's egregious track record and zero friends in high places - is the perfect "object lesson" candidate if the justice system - any justice system - ever feels pressured enough by public outrage to make an example of someone.

    Hell, they're practically begging for it.

  • FadeToBlack
    @Vidiot: Yes, I'd agree that they are begging for it. But if and when it happens, you can be sure that the persecution flag will be up in a heartbeat.
  • Vidiot

    @ FadeToBlack...

    'Course it will.

    Who but the most hard-core, dyed-in-the-wool loyalists will really believe it, though?

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