Elder's letter requesting details of solicitors, barristers and accountants

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  • jwfacts

    There was a letter sent to elders in Australia on 18th November 2015 asking for details of publishers that are solicitors, barristers and accountants.

    What would be their motive for these details?

    The rest of the letter outlines 8 specific pieces of information to compile and send to Bethel's legal department, and reiterates to collect the information only be "as you understand, without consulting the publisher." Is it legal to compile a database of individuals without their knowledge?

    There is irony in Watchtower searching for educated, qualified publishers after strongly discouraging such education. They specifically request CPA's and Chartered Accountants, which require participating in ongoing courses and exams to retain that status.

  • Zoos
    Would love to see a scan of the letter.
  • JeffT
    I'd like to know what the 8 criteria are. It might be possible to use that as the basis for an educated guess as to what problem(s) they're trying to fix.
  • jwfacts

    The questions include standard personal details, secular qualifications and spiritual status. Their spiritual status regards the baptism date, level of publishing activity, and maturity of them and their family. It particular asks as to their humility and willingness to accept counsel, direction and theocratic arrangement.

    It appears they are looking for some "company men" (and women in this case) that will assist without asking too many questions, and are indoctrinated enough not to have their faith shaken by the shocking mistreatment of abused Witness children.

  • slimboyfat
    A pretty tough ask. Looks like blind panic.
  • JWdaughter

    Well, with the ARC bringing legal and financial obligations aplenty, this is not a surprise. They are likely working out how to get out all money that is liquid and how to liquidate all the rest to send it to some country where there are not likely to be anyone suing for abuse issues. Like the Congo or something.

    In the states compiling databases of individuals using public info is perfectly fine. That's how you get on mailing lists I don't see the issue with that, other than you know those poor guys having been vetted already by the local monkey factory will have to do some talking to get out of obligatory service to the borg.

  • joe134cd
    They are deep in the shit and they know it. Seems ironic how they are requiring the very thing they were not to long ago condemning and beating up.
  • cofty
    humility and willingness to accept counsel, direction and theocratic arrangement

    So they want experts that they can tell how to do their job.

    Was it not worrying about the "spiritual" qualifications of people in charge rather than their knowledge and skill that got them into this mess?

  • slimboyfat

    If a brother met all these criteria wouldn't he be an elder already? Or is it sisters they're looking for.

    You'd think they could get this sort of information by gathering all the COs in a room. Unless they've already tried that and this is a last ditch attempt. Sending out a letter like this seems desperate and clumsy.

  • Mephis

    Will you ignore the stigma we attached to you for being 'too worldly' as you obtained professional qualifications?

    Will you take every word coming from Brooklyn and the Branch Committee as ex cathedra, even if it should trigger every professional warning in your body and may lead to judges asking why you misled them in presenting evidence?

    Yes? Trade in your good career for one where you work for us for free.


    The Clowns answering a lot of awkward questions about finances and legal matters at an ARC.

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