Elder's letter requesting details of solicitors, barristers and accountants

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  • oppostate

    Hah! It makes me laugh! You should had heard the comments at yesterday's WT study about how bad a secular education is.

    And like with everything else they probably want them to work pro bono! The hypocrites!

  • KateWild
    It appears they are looking for some "company men" (and women in this case) that will assist without asking too many questions, and are indoctrinated enough not to have their faith shaken by the shocking mistreatment of abused Witness children. - jwfacts

    People like this will just be hypocrites. Or they don't exist at all. They are obviously not spiritually strong if they are born ins as they have gone against WT counsel wrt to education. They don't think critically if they were qualified and then were converted to WT, as they didn't look at both sides of the argument.

    WT will probably play to their egos. I hope they find a publisher that exposes all the hypocrisy within WT.

    Kate xx

  • Atlantis


    You have a pm! And thanks for posting about that letter!


  • Splash
    Looks like they are interviewing to replace Vincent Toole.
  • tiki
    Wow.....just wow.....this approach to enlisting professionals is just totally unethical.....sneaking around looking for dirt without a care for professional merit. If I were one of those lawyers or accountants I would categorically refuse to play their game. And do they plan to remunerate these individuals at their going rate?
  • dozy

    You tend to find that the need to find volunteers who have good " spiritual standing " tends to be ignored when specific hard to find skillsets are needed.

    There was a brother in the UK who was a structural engineer , who had been DFd & reinstated once & was about as "weak" and marginal a JW as you could possibly find , hardly ever at the meetings yet was used extensively for RBC building projects , including work on Bittacy Hill ( IBSA house ) at Bethel. It caused a certain amount of unease and bad feeling that a guy who wasn't even allowed to carry the microphones in his own Kingdom Hall was used so much by the branch.

  • stuckinarut2

    Wow! In just ONE letter, they are acknowledging that they are experiencing troubles in both legal and financial aspects.

    Desperation to enlist "yes men" to help unscramble the mess that comes from years of dishonesty.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Secular education is bad but not when it suits them. Typical hypocrites.
  • Formerbrother
    Could the entire letter be posted to see if it is genuine?
  • jwfacts

    Here is a link kindly posted by Atlantis.


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