Legalized marijuana. It's coming to canada and I want to try it.

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  • jookbeard
    there is clear evidence that it is very addictive, I know many guys that simply cannot function without it and are desperate to quit, skunk is extremely strong these days, I know people that grow it.
  • Finkelstein

    I'm just interested in the facts, not intentionally trying to be biased on the matter.

    Being a pot smoker from the 60's I can personally attest to the findings that THC content in popular strains of Pot have grow over the years.

    Here's some more info on the subject .....

    Editor's Note: The University of Mississippi's Potency Monitoring Project (UMPMC) tested seized marijuana from all 50 states to determine the percentage of THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

    The average potency of all marijuana in the US, according to the UMPMC's Dec. 2008 – Mar. 2009 quarterly report, was 8.52% (5.62% domestic and 9.57% nondomestic).

    The highest tested sample had 22.04% THC (domestic) and 27.30% THC (nondomestic). The highest tested sample ever tested between 1975 and 2009 had 33.12% THC (domestic) and 37.20% THC (nondomestic).

    For comparison, the national average of marijuana's THC content in 1978 was 1.37%, in 1988 it was 3.59%, in 1998 4.43%, and in 2008 8.49%.

    Although average potencies have increased, the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) reported in the June 4, 2002 Washington Post article "The Real Dope: Tried the 'Today's Pot Is Stronger' Claim With Your Kids? Your Cover Is Blown" that "joint sizes have dropped over the years from half a gram to about a quarter of a gram." In addition, pipes, water pipes, and vaporizers typically require less marijuana per use than joints and these items have become increasingly popular over the last 30 years. Some medical marijuana advocates contend that more potent marijuana means less marijuana is needed to achieve the desired medical benefit. compiled a table of marijuana potency from 1975-2003. The data was tabulated from the Annual Reports of Mahmoud A. ElSohly, PhD, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Marijuana Project at the National Center for Natural Products Research, School of Pharmacy, University of Mississippi. See NIDA's chart in PDF format.]

  • 2+2=5

    I will have to respectfully disagree about cannabis being physically addictive, having spent countless hours researching it and from my own experience, though I don't doubt many have fucked up their lives because of cannabis.

    I have been enjoying old school skunk gentetis at home. It's great. No more potent than what I generally have however.

    I am sure if you spoke to your grower mates about it they will explain.... A longer flowering pure Sativa strain like a Jack Herer would probably feel stronger to most but not many will grow it for commercial reasons. 12-13 week flower time for something like that whereas skunk will finish in 8 weeks. They sell for the same $ so think about it.

    I'm sorry but when you suggest to me to do more research on cannabis, it kinda feels like a JW telling an apostate they need to research the religion more.

  • scary21

    I have heard it referred to as skunk many times through the years. I have said it smells like cat piss... as in" I like the green bud that smells like cat piss" There has always been good, better and best. When I first smoked it was Mexican (green or brown) Colombian (gold) maybe some ty stick or Hawaiian .

    The medical stuff now is the BEST . A few tokes will do it.. Plus no seeds and very little stems.

    So I guess if they are comparing dirt weed from the 70's to the medical stuff today you could say it's stronger.

    Still the same buzz for me .Best from back then to the best today. SAME Just my opinion , I mean you only get so high from pot so when I get high I save the rest for latter .

    Pot is NOT addictive......well kind of ice cream.

  • jookbeard
    2+2 , I wouldn't patronise you to that level, I believe you are generally speaking about your own personal experiences which are a million miles away from the reality of how folks react to it or any drug, I know a huge amount of users if all drug types,(myself included) its a sea of opinions, fair play if it works for you.
  • 2+2=5

    The problem being what is being tested from the "bag of weed". A bag of the weed can contain leaves, other bit of trim and stem. It could aslo have countless thousands of trichomes covering a sample that were not produced by that flower.

    The potency of camnabis is in the trichomes. It's what gives the bud that "frosty" look. Although large visible trichomes don't always mean stronger, it is a good indicator.

    Some of those THC figures seem a bit odd to me from that article. 30% + THC I find hard to believe

  • 2+2=5
    @ Jookbeard, it is something I get wound up about, mainly the withholding it from sick people.

    I have seen it dramatically improve the health and quality of life for some with severe disabilities. One of those being my boy.

    I have also seen it negatively and dramatically impact peoples lives for the worst.

    My position really is that of education and I would like to see it legalised and given back to the people.

    If society embraced hemp it could be used for a vast array of commercial products that would benefit the environment tremendously.

    Juicing raw cannabis can be very healthy. Problem is who is going to juice product worth so much $$$. It would be insanely expensive. Raw hemp seeds. Amazing food full of amino and fatty acids.

    It is a wonderfull plant that has been ignored for to long

  • Question_Mans_interpretation

    Ok Marijuana is NOT ADDICTIVE people. You don't go through withdrawal symptoms when you're not on Marijuana for a length of time. Other drugs that are addictive will give you withdrawal symptoms when you're not on them.

    Now with that said, Marijuana can be habit forming like nail biting. Can it be harmful? Absolutely. if you would rather get high all the time instead of spending time with friends or family then you're looking for trouble.

    From our personal experience it has been just great. My husbands migraines have nearly disapeared. Instead of 1 a week he gets maybe 5 migraines a year, but my husband does admit that occasionally he has had some issues with recalling important details at his job after he's been high.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    To me, pot is like alcohol. You can take too much, too often, and become addicted. I have known people who, I am convinced, smoked away the better half of their brain cells and messed up their lives for it.

    Does that mean you shouldn't do any? I don't think so. I tried marijuana after leaving the witnesses, twice. On a casual basis, I don't see the harm. I have kids, and honestly, I don't think that this is something that should be done when they are around or even sleeping at night. What if anything goes wrong... one of them gets sick and I'm high?

    However, if I'm on vacation with my wife without the kids? Oh yeah!! I AM CANADIAN! And yet, as you can tell, I am rarely on vacation without the kids!

  • talesin

    And this is why I say "do your own research" ........... there will never be a consensus.

    May the Force be with you!

    : )

    t :sunglasses:

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